Do blue even vist the AUS/NZ threads?

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I've been gone 9 months, come back to see what's new...

"Cant install D3, unable to download file (). Please check internet connection."
Try numerous fixs to no avail...Re-installs Win7

Logs in.... "Authentication failed. Error 14404."
Check forums for help, few tips, none work. No blue responses. Forum thread after forum Thread of "LAG" "Choppy Play" "Been gone 200days, come back nothings changed' and more "LAAAAG"

Guy's, we've clearly been forgotten... Australia/NZ too small a market for Blizzard to care there are threads still in the top 10 that have been there for almost a year...

Hello? Any Blues?
Arc still posts on here among other things he does. The US CMs don't as it's not there section.

As for errors check the tech support forums, tons of blue replies, including replies to the 144 error, I just repeat them and add my own over here to try and help out.

Plenty has changed, trust me on that one.
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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
Welcome back SKORPIQN, I think I remember you from around launch time. As Narull said, most tech inquiries need to go to the tech support forums. Each week we highlight the top threads and escalate anything that is affecting the region.

Perhaps I’m bias, but I think we have some awesome groups who hang out here in the Aus/NZ forum so I hope you stay a while.
Last night i found the DNS change and that fixed the issues i was having so i'll be playing tonight but pretty poor start getting back into the game... i can only imagine how many customers Blizzard looses to these kinds of things.

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