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I'm a monk and sometimes when I use my charge i get stuck into walls and I can't move anymore.The real problem is that while I'm stuck i can't die , my health reach 0 and nothing happen I keep getting hit by the ennemies.What can I do to not lose my stacks ( I can only leave the game ) ?
Exactly the same thing is happening to me too,and it's not character specific,cause I play barb..
true-it's merciless assault build-so I'm aswell charging and leaping around,but I'm playing that build for months now and never experienced this until today..

it happened like 4 times in 2-3 hours of playing(doing keywarden runs) and when I think,it wasn't always while charging around but when I moved around normaly just apllying rend..

also,it's not happening that I get stuck in walls,spot could be can't do anything,mobs keep hitting you,ur health pool is empty but you don't die,and you're in this endless continues normally,I even watched my enchanters ressing and evetually killing all the mobs around be,but I still couldn't move..only solution-log out..

but as it's not happening once or twice,but at an alarming rate,could we get answer-wth did u do now? :S

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