What to do? What to do?

Hey Guys,

So the gear that I have on my monk right now is strictly for the TR build...I am finding myself in a very dull place with my monk...With my other gear, I max out at MP5 but want to be able to farm keys in MP10...
I am not looking to ditch my monk but I wanted to ask if any of you fellow monks have tried out other classes that you enjoyed...I have a 60 barb & wizard...I am looking to play around...Got about 45 mil in gold...any advice would be much appreciated...

Ideally, I would love to see my monk *!*#!%%@ MP10 but that seems impossible :(

Whatever makes you happy man. It's your call.
Equip !@#$ with green numbers.
I hit a major lull w my monk a few months ago.. I started playing barb w garbage gear until I made some sales and stuck with it for a little while and it helped my group out because it is (was?) very easy to get over 120k dps with a lot of sustain. I got bored of it though so I saved for the gear on my wd. It is now my fav class to play as far as different builds go and I usually use it on uber runs. Have recently come back to monk and made some improvements but it seems like it is the most expensive/difficult class to prep for high mps but also very fun. I hate the wiz class but that is me. Try the ptr, see where your monk is there with the new buffs. I did mp7 pretty easily and enjoyed not having to snapshot cyclone to have it effective. I haven't been back on to try the higher mps though.
Play a DH, switch some of your gear over to make things a bit cheaper. Also found witch doc fun to play as well.

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