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Technical Support
Hi blizzard

I have been playing many blizzard games for 15 years and spend over 1700hours on diablo3 in Korea.

I am reporting terrible experience while I was playing the game.

My account was banned based on your assuption that i have used third party programmes.

however i have not used and do not know how to use other programmes.

i presume the only way i can prove it is to show you my hard disk.

Blizzard Korea declined my account recovery requests therefore i am asking you to
do something instead of them.

I think I have kept my account secured.

In my hard disk, no illegal programmes are installed, there are no auto device on
keyboard and mouse.

i play the game literally at home without any help from other programmes.

I play diablo3 quite alot.

i once played 15hours a day.

I play at lower monster power level, repeating the particular waypoints that i like over and over.

It can be suspected as I am using programmes.

but I swear I have not used any other programmes.

Blizzard Korea is incompetent, they never try to figure out whats happened.
all they do was assuming.

I do not deserve to be treated like this and it is so unfair.

I just want to enjoy your game, please help. T_T

My account is
You have a ticket open for this, you'll have to wait for a response there I'm afraid.

<Locking thread as it is not a Technical Support issue that can be addressed in a public forum>

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