Questions about gearing my monk

I currently am playing both a wizard and monk. The wizard i use in archon to farm mp 0-3. I have just recently built a low end monk, because I want to farm for keys and ubers at mp5 and above.

My monks build and stats are in this profile but some key stats for her are:

53,000 dps

572,000 ehp

6,220 armor

860 all resist

879 life per hit

I was using lifesteal but went to life on hit when i switched to a shield and lowered my dps from like 75k to 50k.

So currently I'm using sword and board for the extra survivability. On mp5 I farm slowly but do not die.

I tried fighting ubers on mp5 and I defeated them but I died about 3-4 times on the first 2 portals and did not defeat zk and siegebreaker.

Those attempts were before I upgraded my 1h weapon and natalya's ring though.

So questions I have:

Should I swap out my amulet for one that gives more survivability? That amulet is one I found when playing my wizard, and didnt sell on the auction house. (e.g. one with dex vit loh)

Is this monk geared enough for mp5 ubers or do I need to invest more into this char?

What should my next upgrade be?

And how are you supposed to paragon lvl monks? I cant stand playing lower mp with my monk because it is so slow for me. I know there is a TR build... is the gear requirement for that build costly?

Thanks in advance!

I would have gone barb if you wanted to farm keys at minimum cost to the toon.
Read the fourm. Read the fourm. Read the fourm. Read the fourm. Read the fourm. Read the fourm. Read the fourm. Read the fourm. Read the fourm.

I used Piffle's guide and did it myself.

When people keep asking questions to answers that are already provided, I feel like this:
\ /
I'm not worried about spending minimum cost on the toon. But I did want to start doing ubers so i can put the +35% exp to use.

And I love the monk class, more so than my wizard.

And to the other 2 posts, my monk is already built to about the level of the chars that piffle built for cheap, and I'm sure I can do higher monster powers because my defenses are higher...

I just wanted to know what I would need to upgrade to handily defeat ubers on mp5+, because making infernal machines is quite a time consuming task for me. (no rmah here)
no rmah + not worried about spending minimum = grinding? @.@|
01/30/2013 11:20 PMPosted by chingchong69
no rmah + not worried about spending minimum = grinding? @.@|

lol@your name,
most epic name I've ever seen, lmao. xD
try get an offhand weapon with open socket+CHD(at least 50%). Having high CHC (50% in your case) but low CHD (177%?) won't help much.
So you do not think I need the shield for ubers on mp5?

I have about 10 million now and will have about 20-25 million when some things sell. I was thinking of getting innas pants with vitality to get some dps in either my gloves or, like u said switch out my shield for another 1h. I just want to make sure I have enough survivability for ubers on mp5 so I can start making fail hellfire rings :)
If you still have the Life Steal sword you mentioned from when you were dual wielding, you can get that and try again with that and your current sword. 2.5% LS and 800-900 LoH should be enough to survive the ZK/SB fight at 75K DPS.

If you're just interested in getting the ring and don't care about doing it solo, just get three portals and see this thread:

People there will carry you on MP-10 if you supply the three portals. Guaranteed ring.

Almost anyone will carry you for free on an MP they can handle if you supply the portals because you've saved them the farming. If you can just even stay alive, just find some people to team up with where everyone supplies one portal on any MP. Everyone likes a Monk with an Overawe mantra :)
Demiwraith I took your advise on dual wielding both a loh and ls sword and i also replaced my amulet, and socketed my helm with vit instead of exp. Ubers on mp5 now are a breeze, and I went through 12 portals and died 1 time.

HOWEVER... RNG is laughable in this game. 12 portals... 2 organs. And they are both vengeful eye. GG NO RE.

I can take the bad drops but for something that takes as long as farming hellfires dont !@#$ me on the organs :(

haha looks like I should have taken a carry on mp10, so much for trying to do %^-* for myself.
Glad it worked out for you. I did ubers on MP-4 through MP-7 solo for a while because I felt like I wanted to earn my fist ring by myself, so I don't blame you if you keep tyring.

Good news is that you have the eye from ZK/SB. I'd advise that you always have three portals available when you start an uber-run game, and then folllow this logic for next time:

If the first portal you open is ZK/SB then you're going to open and do all three portals.

If it isn't ZK/SB then go in the first portal and kill the ubers. If you don't get a new body part, then don't open any more portals. End the game and start over when you have three portal devices. If you did get a body part, then do open the next portal.

Obviously, never open the third portal if it's ZK/SB.

The idea is to maximize the chance that each portal you open is a useful one. If you need two different body parts, then your chances of getting a good one on your first attempt is 66.6% . If you don't get a body part, you're better off not openning a second portal and wasting a portal device on a 50% chance of getting a useful battle.

When you have only one body part to go, the logic is more obvious: Keep openning portals until you get the one you need, and then stop. Again, make sure you always have three portals ready ina game before you open any.

Anyway, good luck to you. Hope you roll a trifecta.

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