Auction house just stole from me.

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I just sold a Natalya's reflection for over 200million gold, not sure about the actually sold price, since the last I checked it was yesterday morning. I have the picture or the ring if that will help. Has anyone else experienced a problem with auction house in the past few days? if so, have you gotten your gold, or items back? Please help me with this, I didn't want to sell this ring at first but now it seems I should have just held on to it so that I could have avoided this. Blizzard you are seriously losing another long time fan, I have been with you guys since the beginning!!!
i had an item disappear on me and put in a ticket. They basically told me to shove it and go post in the bug report forums. And they just repeat the same crap, so we're likely all screwed. Thanks Obama.
Wait for 2 days then come back and tell us you didn't get the gold.
I just sold a Chantodo's force and haven't received my gold. :(
Thanks for the info, yeah I have had lag delays with the auction house, but its spooky when the item, gold all just poofs with out leaving any info on the completed tab. I mean I wouldn't be panicking if it was just a mil or two, but for 200+million gold. yeah haha I will be a bit itchy.
If you know the item stats - check the AH to see if the item is still sitting for sale with an "expired" time. If it is, it will eventually end up back in your stash.

If it did sell and no $$$ - can't help you on that one. Had the expire thingy happen to me over the weekend with a really high (for me) value ring. It showed back up but took some time.
AH so screwed at the moment ughhhh
I still havent figured out how to resolve this "Expired" glitch. Got a 300th spear sitting there, I click cancel but it says an error, somethin about still has an active bid WTF??
Support just responded to my ticket and said to wait 5 days... XD
no its not in the auction house

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