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Even though the addition of more Exp% at higher MP is great and all I am sure it wont make higher MP that much more attractive. A 4th passive might however.

MP1-5: 3 Passives
MP5-10: 4 Passives


Edit: Also I believe this could help with the itemization issue. For example:
If you need more resource regen at higher MP then use the 4th passive to do that and gear without the worry of needing more regen on your gear.

Edit 2: 4th passive could have reduced effect compared to if you placed the passive in one of the first 3 slots.

Edit 3: Glyphs such as those in WoW maybe an idea also. But can only be used on higher MP.
No?, ok then...back to farming.
Higher MP should have more incentive, given that reward does not currently scale linearly with higher levels.

It could be anything, faster resource recovery, faster move speed, lower cooldowns.

Although, I would also like to see more reward for higher Paragons as incentive to reach 100.

Such as: Pickup Radius, Auto-Pickup, IAS, Move Speed, you could unlock different rewards at P25, 50, 75 etc.
I say we do not need more passives for players to play the higher MP levels.

MP is there for those that want a challenge. Instead of being a requirement to beat the game on MP10. The devs do not want to make MP10 the most efficient way to get geared up. They do not want MP10 to so awesome that it punishes players for not playing at that high of a setting. They do not want players to feel forced to play at that higher setting.
Well maybe instead of having the full effect of the 4th cuts whatever the benefit is in half. I just think it would make gearing better because it would give you more options for different stats.
Players wanting an additional passive actually prove one point, well a least for non monk players. You have to make a meaningful choice as far as what passives to choose. If there were four passives you would not really have much of a choice.
01/31/2013 02:41 AMPosted by ShadowAegis
If there were four passives you would not really have much of a choice.

Do you mean you would have more choices? Kinda confused by that. 4 Passives would allow for more combinations I would think.

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