Would D2 be enjoyable (never played) after playing D3?

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If you don't mind outdated graphics, then yes you can enjoy it. Also you need to not mind expending more than .000001% of your brain power.
01/31/2013 10:00 AMPosted by cajunctionAI
Don't judge D3, as D2 is because they are different games in various ways,although they share a common theme of ARPG.

They have a lot more in common than both being arpgs (if you can even call d3 an rpg). Namely being sequential games in the same franchise. Hard to not compare the two.
dead yea for sure. the graphics are not as modern, but d2 is really a better game, its just outdated. i would love for a D2 Remake with modern graphics. not saying this game coudnn't eventually pass it up. you have a wider variety of skills, however it is easier to !@#$ up your build. i recommend looking at many character guides so u can see what to aim for as far as skills and equipment
Since you mentioned it only being $10, I'm assuming you're talking about D2 without the expansion. Vanilla D2 without the expansion is probably worth playing, but the game really didn't shine until after the expansion and a few additional patches were released.

Those of the community that wear rose-tinted glasses will probably not inform you about this. I think getting both D2 and LoD for $20 is still a pretty good deal and I'd probably suggest doing that instead of just starting with vanilla.

I for one don't really think playing the original Diablo will net you any more enjoyment over just going straight into D2LoD.

You'll probably get through normal and have fun. Thankfully, they added in respec'ing with a patch, so at least you can experiment slightly with builds without having to reroll (you get one free respec per difficulty if my memory serves me correct, after that you need to farm essence sets for respecs).

If you decide to play it, you might want to do some research and planning before you start. Even with respec'ing it's still pretty inconvenient to experiment. It's more common to save up stat points until you really need to allocate them because D2 has the inconvenience of items requiring certain levels of strength and dexterity to equip. So, you probably want to save up those points until you find an upgrade that requires those stats. Also, you can screw up a build pretty quickly when allocating skill points, so planning ahead is good.

Unlike what most people seem to believe, you won't be finding a wealth of good items quickly. Chances are if you keep playing, you'll hit a wall sometime in Nightmare. For this reason, I usually recommend that people play on Battle.net even when intending to play solo. Since there's no auction house and gold is pretty useless, people will pretty frequently give out sub-godly gear for free on Battle.net that can be useful if you hit that wall.

Story-wise, there's not much of it. There are 6 quests per act and 5 acts if you have LoD (4 in vanilla). If you are one to expand on what's given to you with your imagination, then you'll probably like it. If you want the story to actually be told to you, it'll probably seem 'okay'.
The best part of D2 is and will always be offline play. I'd kill for an offline mode for D3.
Don't judge D3, as D2 is because they are different games in various ways,although they share a common theme of ARPG.

They have a lot more in common than both being arpgs (if you can even call d3 an rpg). Namely being sequential games in the same franchise. Hard to not compare the two.

It's very simple to compare the two,and the mistake I see so many people make on these forums, is making it difficult. It's not, its basic 101 game development, and no matter that atm D3 is missing PvP ( I could care less btw, I'd rather PLaY with my friends in coop , than destroy them and laugh about it/high5MYself) or grudges againt the big B for leaving out STrees's or itemization issues you may find lacking, the point is the game delivers what was promised which was/is ( as game box clearly spells out) randomized maps which take customized characters through a fun challenge employing lots of choices for protection.

If you subtract PvP and a few choice patches/promise of more/expansion or 2, then D3 delivers everything the box promises , and it even lets you make a buck or two if you're so inclined which is something D2 make much more a headache on various fronts we all know that.

Pety trolling aside, they delivered as best the big B can imho, as I feel no angst or anger over D3's fun /challenge than I did with D2 or WoW. They all 3 are totally different games viewed from different POV, and all allow gamers of the right mindset , to do some mindless hacking with their friends or alone, with a AH right next door to you when the itch comes over you. What more does anyone need, I mean sheesh! ;)

We know fixes are coming and you might not like them or think the big B stupid for choosing them, but I figure it this one; adapt or break, which is it ? ADapt and enjoy,or break and go elsewhere ? ;)

I dont' consider myself hardcore as my profile easily suggests, but my friend and I enjoyed our play through of D2:LOD immensely . Getting to nightmare WAS a nightmare as the difficulty ramps up enormously ( at least I felt it did: or I just had sucky gear LOL ) so I honestly lost interest at that point, but having played D3 and having got used to that ramp up of challenge maybe D2:LOD is worth another look ,who knows.

For what its worth I totally agree poster above. Save your stat points ( I always did, and considered it an EXTRA challenge in doing so , as I do in D3 for exactly the same reason, losing gold often notwithstanding o_0 : hey its JUST a game ) for that weapon of choice that needs specific abilities and then go for it, because respec'ing is most certainly not cheap.
01/31/2013 01:37 PMPosted by Elarson
The best part of D2 is and will always be offline play. I'd kill for an offline mode for D3.

there would be no ah in sp. where do you get items from?
^ has never played D&D before...

That's relatively new. Before character sheets and stuff like that, roleplaying was just that. Playing a role. Like reenactments, and improvisation.
If you like the idea of farming for runes, since people don't use gold (except for repairs), always being asked to pay a ridiculous price for a crap item, etc., then grab D2. If you like the simple auction system that is much better and allows you to sell faster, keep D3.
D2 music was Epic!!!

Peace out 3õ
It is one of my favorite games of all time, but after 12yrs of rpg/gaming evolution combined with little to nobody else playing anymore I wouldn't bother.

worth a playthrough.

I especially recommend Palidan or Necromancer.

It'll be rough at first but, once the pace picks up like stated a few times on this thread, any fan of the arpg genre should play it. D3 mostly made me wanna go back and play D2... =(

D3 isn't half the game D2 was especially when it was at its peak. There are some grat mods too such as MedianXL, Eastern Sun and Zyl-El. After a playthrough or two these are highly recommeded.

I'm no longer mad D3 didn't live up to the name of the franchise, just sad. I'll play PoE and a few other games between patches and just keep hoping Blizzard brings back variety instead of fixing things that aren't broken.

blizzard has completely abandoned supporting d2. and thus i am unable to get my mouse working properly without playing in windowed mode. (its too sensitive in full screen)
I've gone back to playing D2.
01/31/2013 02:49 PMPosted by Mithrán
That's relatively new. Before character sheets and stuff like that, roleplaying was just that. Playing a role. Like reenactments, and improvisation.

>> Calling D&D 'new.' OK!
If you were 79 years old today, it would've come out half your lifetime ago. You have to live in the 80s to think D&D is new.
The process of building characters/accounts in d2 was ridiculously awesome/fun, but nowadays the difficulty of closing the gap between rich and poor is not worth enduring as the game is on its last leg. D3 is more exciting in my opinion. However many people piss on the developments (including myself occasionally), at least there's progress in making the game more enjoyable.
One thing I loved and still enjoy about D2 is the ability to mod the offline single player version of the game. There was a huge community of talented people that would help in creating mods (or help you to learn this yourself) so you could play the game in a way that best suited your style. If you want an unique item in D2 with different attributes or for the the drop rate to change, just make a mod that allows this.

So if you have any scripting skills and enjoy doing mods and haven’t tried D2 yet, you should give it a go.

you don't really need scripting skills, you just have to be able to edit a spreadsheet. Just don't go overkill and have uniques and sets dropping from everyone.
Check out the Phrozen Keep, that should get you started on the mod aspect (definitely get the PlugY stuff).
D2 with the expansion, which btw is how it comes in a box set. Digital download I do not know if you can get both together or their prices. But I can say it is a good game, but I would not play it without the mod Median XL, because as far as a challenge D2 is just not challenging enough for me. That mod really gives you a good challenge.
if you get the expansion you can still play non-LoD. its an option when you make a character.

as far as playing, i'd stick to the single player after you connect to update because i logged in a few months ago and it is just swarming with ad bots. unless u have a friend willing to paly tandem with you and you can password the game, i'd stay away from online play. Its horrendous. if you do though there's an 8 player cap instead of 4 so you'll meet more people, just beware of scams. there's more there than here.

another rpg you should check out is Sacred 2. the expansion isn't available outside germany but the original is great. awesome scenery, awesome skills, more choices and customizing, but the servers are gone now. it'd be single player only. you can get all the updates at the sacred 2 homepage.

good luck. happy playing
I remember my friends talking about how diablo 1 was so gooouuuud.

I never played it and I started out with diablo 2. I did buy the battlechest set tho and it did come with diablo 1.

So I said what the heck. Ill try diablo 1 out.

Man it was so icky. I mean like going from d2 expansion to d1 was like rolofalmaofmoolool.

If only the fast walk run was faster I would of probably liked it.

Anyways D2 is a great game. Is up today's graphics???? Well that's debatable. I would if anything try it out if you can get it for $10.00

Just make certain to get Diablo 2 expansion with your purchase D2 classic is boring.

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