Would D2 be enjoyable (never played) after playing D3?

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It will feel very clunky relative to D3 but it is an incredible game. Well worth $10.
D2 WAS fun, but I doubt you'll find a big enough playerbase to enjoy it in 2013.
D1 is AMAZINGSAUCE! :D Really I play D1 and D3 havn't played D2 since ladder reset.
Both Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 are amazing games.
However, I don't think its possible to like it in year 2013 if you haven't played before.
I played Mass effect 1 after playing the second one first so the same deal. It was like a torture to finish it for me. Why because once you get use to a certain graphics and control style its hard to go back unless you are coming from that past experience.
I'm not a fanboy or anything, but I just don't have and never had the attention span to grind Diablo 2. I never understood why anyone would wait for the ladder to reset, then within minutes of servers being back up, they were on and level 80 within 6 hours while everyone else was asleep or doing something fun. Being ranked on the ladder is as pointless as being ranked on Runescape. So what, your character name is on there. There's no rewards, and it's not like it was hard work. It's a game. Diablo 2 was fun initially, but sucked as time progressed, and making a new character only prolonged it. WoW sucks too. I was offered the free battlechest and a subscription, so I figured I'd make a new character on my buddy's server, but he quit playing because (I agree with him) they just increased the level cap and added a few things, but it's still the same.
never... just watch a d2 video on youtube then u know why u wont play this game xD
01/31/2013 06:37 PMPosted by Charlie
D2 WAS fun, but I doubt you'll find a big enough playerbase to enjoy it in 2013.

really lol i beg to differ

209 am

D3 194 public games

D2 17459 playing 19328 games of diablo 2 Lord of Distruction
Call me crazy but, as much as I enjoyed Diablo 2, it hasn't aged too well. Torchlight 2 is probably a better deal at 20$.

Unless you really want to stay within the mythos, if so, go right ahead and play D2.

Torchlight 2? What is this... the casuals forum? Basically if you think D3 seems alright but is way too simplified and the drop rates suck given how easy it is to Buy 2 Win or you want many different options for building your char..... go with D2... if you like things more simpler like WoW however you will probably enjoy D3 quite a bit more if you can put up with the Buy 2 Win state of the game. Stay away from Torchlight 2 though. It's basically the Kids version of ARPGs. If D2 bots take away from your fun but you love the game then go try PoE. But try D2 first.
01/31/2013 07:06 PMPosted by DesmondTiny
D1 is AMAZINGSAUCE! :D Really I play D1 and D3 havn't played D2 since ladder reset.

Is this an attempt at being a hipster? Because D2 is hands down the best of the series.
Diablo was great. Diablo 2 was better. Diablo 3 with all the shiny does not even have atmosphere Diablo 1 had.

Diablo 2 is by FAR better in every aspect instead of graphics. Even sounds are better.

But I like Diablo 3 too, that's for sure.

EDIT: In Diablo 2, you was unique. In Diablo 3, you play one of commonly known build, like everyone else.

For example we Wizards have just 2 good skillsets and all other skills are complete trash. Hence everyone plays the same spec, with same gear.
01/31/2013 06:52 PMPosted by StormHerald
Even diablo 2's ambiance is better than D3.. Yeah, the graphics aren't as good, but any gamer with a IQ higher than Call of Duty could tell you how meaningless graphics are in terms of game play quality.

Hey you do not have to insult gamers in order to say how much you like a game. Graphics for some is a very important feature in a game. Just as for some it is the diversity in builds that make or break a game. Others it is having PvP in at launch that would make or break a game. Still others is a mix of features that can be a make or break for a game. That has nothing to do with intelligence at all.

You do realize that other gamers could say the same about your insistence on build diversity. And say that graphics is king.
Due to the differences, Diablo 2 should be considered a completely different entity altogether at this point. With that in mind, if you enjoy the core aspects of Diablo 3, you may well like Diablo 2 just as much also. It all comes down to personal preference. While the graphcis are dated, the gameplay is tried and true, and should be fun if you enjoy D3 at all. The reverse can be said as well - if you enjoyed D2, you may well enjoy D3 at its core also. The sum of the whole for D3 may not equal D2, but it can still be enjoyable even now.

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This should answer some questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLedw4HACNc
To be honest buying D1 and D2 for the music alone is worth it.

D3 doesnt even have music, just some ambient poop in the background.


Run D3 and play D1 music playlist on youtube in the background.

Suddenly the game gains atmosphere.
D2 WAS fun, but I doubt you'll find a big enough playerbase to enjoy it in 2013.

really lol i beg to differ

D2 17459 playing 19328 games of diablo 2 Lord of Distruction

17k of which are bots spamming advertisements. 450 of which are bots running chaos/baal runs.

which leaves you 9 players you can play with, nice.

EDIT: In Diablo 2, you was unique

lol you obviously have not touched d2 at all
offline sp or LAN Diablo was the best thing that ever happened to ARPG

you need to explore the lore of diablo 1+2 as D3's story is a 'meh' with my hand waving horizontally at most.

of all series, D2 being told in the eyes of Marius is both compelling and artistic and the ending before LOD will leave you gasping for more.

D2's pace is I would say, much slower, with huge randomized maps that you might get lost (especially A3), and A4, though is shorter than the rest, feels much more complete and where you would meet the original ideas of izual (which d3 has replicated for no reason whatsoever).

By slower pacing I mean the gameplay depth is spread between Normal,Nightmare and Hell difficulty where on your first playthrough on each difficulty you simply cannot bulldoze your way, levelling is slower and you would come to rely on skills more than what you wear. This was a good thing because each player would come to appreciate each difficulty level, there were plenty of low level legendaries (uniques back then) and set items that will shape your character into formidable warriors and you will definitely appreciate these items on lower diffculties.

In terms of the number of set items and legendaries, I would say there is A LOT more variety in D2. In terms of being able to find legendaries and sets I would say A LOT easier, especially on your first act boss kill, in fact on normal difficulty you would be sporting some set combos and nice legendary weapons by the end of normal.

There were certain end game features in D2 that never made it to D3, one of my favourite being the ability to jump from one act to another via waypoint. If you experience it first hand on D2, you too, will scratch your head in wonder on why this feature is missing on the latest iteration of this franchise. The other, would be the ability to fight bosses again even after passing their checkpoints.
The music alone makes it worth playing. $10 is worth a single playthrough.
would I enjoy the graphics, game play, etc, in D2?

feel free to give a try if you will, but i warm you:

you wont enjoy, Diablo 2 Mechanics are less friendly user than Diablo 3. also Graphic sucks compared to any game of today (is a 10 year old game). the Forums are DEAD, the servers have constant connection problems, the amount of bots, hacks and dupes is overwhelming, the community doesn't exist. any public game is unplayable because of the overwhelming amount of Spam bots etc etc.
I know all of this because i still play on Hardcore US EAST sometimes(was playing yesterday ^_^)

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