Melee gets 35% pvp dmg red, ranged 30% in pvp

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Honestly, is that 5% even going to make ANY DIFFERENCE AT ALL? Seems like a placebo to me. Seems like it will make zero difference. 30% or 35%. Really? No difference at all. Sorry no. There is no difference. You can look at this at the most logical/intellectual level, and come to one conclusion only: That 5% is literally pointless.
the point of that update wasnt to balance melees.... but so people dont oneshot each other in pvp.
u mad?
making a statement?
recommending a change?

Why does this thread exist?
Time to drop some DPS for some EHP. Also... it's a "beta" for the arena. Take it for what it is.
I think OP wants melees to have 30% like the ranged.

As he said, 5% is a very small amount, but nevertheless a form of handicap given by ranged to melee.

The mighty barbarian and his bald sidekick does not need such miserable charity, neither does he want the ranged to claim that 5% is the reason they lost when he crushes them.
melee has 35% dmg reduction
Ranaged has 30% dmg reduction

This was the latest change.

The point of this thread was to illustrate that an extra 5% is useless/pointless. It will make zero difference. You might as well keep it 30% for ranged and for melee.

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