Auction House did not deliver won item but took gold.

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Hi I had the winning bid for an auction and when the it ended it just said expired and showed I had the winning bid, but did not send the item to my completed tab. It already took my gold and I'm just wondering if it's just a bug and I'll get the bracers or am I just out of luck?

picture for those interested
well now it's even gone from my auctions tab, so it looks like I'm out the gold and the item? any help?
somebody please help
you'll probably get them, i had to wait an hour once for something i actually bought out, i was like "wtf" as you are now
i am also facing same problem.....
Been going on for a while, days if not week+. Since I don't see follow up posts, I assume they eventually arrive.
I'm in the same boat. Won an item and now I can't get it. It's been 5 hours now and I still don't have my $ or my loot.
AH maintenance tomorrow. I'd wait until after that to do any more AH dealings.

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