Buff Icons "situation"

If the current situation with buff icons is something you care (or are frustrated) about, I just posted a thread on the PTR Feedback Forums (not sure if thats the most appropriate place or not) about which skills still are lacking icons. Also mentioning the restriction on quantity of displayed icons too. Link to the thread is here:

Plus one
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Plus one

Why thank you kind sir.
I couldn't find the "+" key on my phone...now that I am at a keyboard



Finny you mention it, it's always been one of those little things that just bugged me! GJ
01/31/2013 04:23 AMPosted by KamelJabber

01/31/2013 05:02 AMPosted by Nameless


your FACE



Looked good to me.

In case anybody missed this last PTR. Also, it's been acknowledged and slightly modified in the PTR this patch. But there's NO word on whether any of the skills mentioned ITT will infact receive buff icons. PTR is currently down so I haven't had a chance to check to see whether anything changed other than the # of visible buffs.

Please spread the word, if you use any skills listed on the first page, and would like to see a buff icon for said skill! Thanks :)

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