Got two problems in Auction House

Technical Support
1) I put item on AH, but seach it after about 20mins. I can't find it.

2) another strange thing is I put one item on 30 Jan AM (direct selling price is 10,000,000), I cancelled and changed the direct selling price to 9,000,000 at night (30 Jan). but today morning (31 Jan). I cancelled it and then checked the price in AH again. I found the same item in AH and the dead line time near the first time that I put. Then I tried to put it again (price 9,000,000). After few mins, I checked again. I really can't see my item for price 9,000,000. But can see 10,000,000. Could you kindly hellp to check?? Will it the reason that why people buy item successfully but without it??

Thanks a lot!!
P.S. Asia in America Server

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