Who remembers pre 1.03 belial and azmodan

I could recall I took hours to defeat belial, even search on youtube for better methods of surviving. Today, just for the fun of it, I put the game to mp0 and used arcane destruction and one-shot belial and azmodan for like 5.8mill.

edit: I just did a quick calculation of my possible max dmg. If given atk speed is removed and the skill should only give 16x your weapon dmg, my absolute damage should be only 4.37mill per hit. I thnk it counts 16x your sheet dps instead
Good old days b4 they nurfed game for babies. Wish it was that hard and even harder cos now we have better gears. enrage, hard reflect, more damage.shots etc bring it all back
The only way for me to beat the game back then was to do it in party. Like I needed barb warcry and DH DPS to get the job done.

It was impossible doing solo, at least for me.
i feel so honored i beat inferno on 1.03 patch :D
Belial was da man... or monster. He almost made me throw my mouse through the screen. lol
My only regret is not being able to finish the game in Inferno.

Though, I will take it that I defeated Belial pre 1.0.3.....got up to Azmo and the patch hit.
It was tough even getting to fight his final form. Half a day to beat belial!
I spent an entire day trying to find a loadout that I could beat him with (mostly involving sitting in a corner w/ slow time and thrown blades and dskin) then popping slow time archon to burn down his second form. I could never beat his final form until 1.03 though :(

There are some things I miss about those days, but overall I don't wish for them back. Eternally farming A1 and spending 20 minutes in town IDing 100% pure unmitigated garbage was a truly hopeless feeling, I was really proud of myself when I worked up to the point of just being able to "farm" A2 VotA at a semi-reasonable pace.

These days I'd say HC is where it's at if you want to recapture some of that old excitement. Even the bump from mp0 to mp1 is quite a step up in challenge (assuming you even survive long enough to get mp0 on lockdown)
02/01/2013 05:37 AMPosted by enadiz
It was tough even getting to fight his final form. Half a day to beat belial!

half a month here.
I had inferno beat pre 1.03 and I even remember my dps: 50k! Haha that was fun as hell and no one seemed to know exactly what to do. I couldn't have done it without my friends :)
It took me hours and a group to take down belial . Only once ... Then I never played him again lol

Got to ghom when he had his smog gas fillIng up the room. Remember when I was blizz hydra looking for that little bit of un-gassed space. So hard.

YouTube is best friend though.
1.02 Belial made me a pro at dodging his poison pools. Azmo wasn't too tough tho.
02/01/2013 03:36 AMPosted by Aimless
Good old days b4 they nurfed game for babies. Wish it was that hard and even harder cos now we have better gears. enrage, hard reflect, more damage.shots etc bring it all back

Keep in mind that if inferno was still pre 1.03 difficulty it's more than likely we wouldn't have the gear we have. I personally liked post 1.04
^ Considering that the only ways to acquire items in 1.02 were tyreal exploitation, vase exploitation, goblin exploitation, and AH flipping, I would tend to agree. If you weren't participating in one of those activities, you were getting nowhere. Elite phasebeasts, soul lashers, etc were essentially impossible because you had to farm A3 to get the gear to kill them. I know kripp beat the game on HC but he's a streamer with unlimited resources, so that's a different story. I wanted to play Diablo 3, not God of War 3 on impossible mode so the nerfs were justifiable.
Some of the nerfs. Reflect damage should not be nerfed. Monster power 0 should not be so easy. Elites should still heal. Legendaries should not drop as much as they do. And ww and sc should still proc at .5 :-)
Meh, they should have just stuck to the D2 method of mobs healing. All mobs have slow % based life regen at all times. I'm fine with current drop rates because even if you get a legendary, it's probaby just a brimstone anyway. Also fine with the current proc rates on twisters. If the game had launched with the 1.05 or 1.07 loot system and skill buffs, they wouldn't have had to nerf inferno at all because the intended progression (i.e. farm lower acts to get to higher ones) would have been feasible for the dedicated player. Unfortunately for Blizz, people saw right through the pay2win scheme they were trying to pull off in 1.02.
I don't remember much from Belial, just venom hydra for the win.

I felt Ghom was much worse with so much gas in the room and running out of space except for the tiniest corners. I died more to that Ghom than to anything else. Worst kitefest ever. Hydra ftw.
Was it 1.03 Ghom that was bugged / perma enraged? Whatever patch that was, I built an entire gearset devoted to him (for my WD at the time) and pulled everyone I knew through that fight. Something like 1150 resist to poison. If it was dex instead of int, it would have been one hell of a tank kit for a monk with OWE.

Downed Azmo 1 day before 1.04. I'll admit I was sad that I didn't get the chance to finish up inferno before that.

Hardest fight in the game, easily back then.

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