Coming back to the game.

Hello everyone. So as the topic said, I am coming back to the game and would appreciate if someone could give me some quick pointers.

My barb is probably poorly geared by today's standards but back then it's gear was prob worth 25-30ish million which was okay. He could farm act 3 as whirlwind spec on inferno.

I've heard it has gotten nerfed though and I have no idea what spec is viable atm.

So, basically, how do you play a barb atm?
Welcome back to the game LetterH.

By today's standards your gear is probably worth a lot more like 1 million. Inferno has been nerfed quite a bit and Monster Power has been introduced.

WW is still a very viable build but to get a better look at the best working builds have a look at this thread:

This should answer the majority of your questions regarding gear and specs in today's game and should help to answer the majority of your questions.

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