Interesting Rain Doctor Knife??

Witch Doctor
Found this, dmg could be higher but the stats seems nice for a RD.

820.9 dps
271-825 dmg
198-533 lightning dmg
+7% atk speed
869 LoH
13 mana regen
+5% plague of toads dmg
Vendor. Some one might want it if it had an OS w/ black damage. But since it's Lightning Damage and no OS, IMO, you should vendor it.

On the other hand... I guess it could be interesting to see a Rain Doctor with as much +% to Toads, +% to attack speed with thousands of LoH. That would be something to see.
def. vendor
Yea, As a rain doctor I would not consider it as the lack of socket, no Crit Damage. low dps amd non black damage combine to cripple it.

If it were 1k dps, 50% crit damage and a socket it would be worth 100mil+ as is it is probably vendor trash.

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