Uber bosses! Where should I be to start the battle?

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My friend and I have recently farmed up some keys on MP5, which we can only handle as a duo. He runs a usual quick and DPS heavy DH (about at 80k dps), and I run support spells and tanky minions as WD (currently at about 40K dps).

I was wondering about where should a player generally be offensively/defensively to handle the uber bosses? I haven't seen much talk around concerning them, but I don't want to waste our first trip on a MP we can't handle. I know neither of us have mega gear or anything like that, but we are slowly farming our way up. Any input would be appreciated!
You can probably run MP3-4 with that DPS, if you want to do it alone, but feel free to add me if you want to do it as a team on a higher MP (it would take quite a few rounds on 3-4 to actually get a ring.)
now that the ptr is up. just copy your chars and try it out on the ptr. assuming you had a ton of keys/machines collected already

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