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Savaging Doom Treads gave you Shimmering Essence and Lizard Eye!

So... A iLvl61 pair of boots giving me the same mats that iLvl40 will? nice.

Just a little bug I ran into. No screenies sorry :(
Your item must have reduce level requirement.

and please help yourself read the patch notes. (hint: salvage item will salvage based on the character level instead of item level)
Pretty sure only 1 of the 2 had reduced requirement.. But thanks.
Happens to me everynight

I had no essences, and in prep for 1.0.7 instead of buying i started salvaging my crappy rares.

What the op describes does happen on a daily basis to me.

I know because i went from having no essences to 3500
It happens quite a bit actually

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