Yo I heard barbs juggernaut...

Demon Hunter
is based on the proc rate of the attack. So they don't get any life back if the stn you use has no proc rate. Caltrops: Torturous ground and Vault: Rattling roll can therefore be used freely against them. Using Thrill of the Hunt with a low proc rate hatred spender should work too. And maybe they will even waste a passive because they don't know it works like that :)
We can test this later if you want. I'll bring my Barb and you can hit me with many rounds of any skill to see how often it procs. I am curious about this now too.
Multishot Fire At Will has a rather low proc rate. You could try that. I'd also be interested in knowing whether it fires through walls like the witch doctor's Spirit Barrage.
Multishot doesn't have any special powers like that as far as I can tell. It's just that the graphic doesn't adapt to the terrain. Same with Covering Fire, you can't really tell what it will hit from the graphics. It's better to think of what skills do and what they look like as two separate things in games like this.

Iria: sure, add me and we'll probably be online at the same time sooner or later.
I think it's at least worth testing before you dismiss it. In the Keep Depths Multishot will still hit mobs that are behind the wall around a door jam. I'd be interested in knowing whether the same holds true in the Scorched Chapel. Have Iria hide behind one of the walls where your hatred generator can't hit him. Then see if Multishot does.

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