Help me gear my WW barb please!

I used to play with cookie cutter sword and board, but got bored with it and started playing WW barb tonight, I think its alot of fun! But, I know I need some improvements gear wise (and maybe skills selection).

I know I need more movement speed, but I dont want to sacrifice any more all resist than I have to.

So what Im looking for are some suggestions for one or 2 pieces of gear that will improve my barb without giving up any survivability (meaning without losing much all resist or life cause I hate dying!). I have a budget of about 25m for these one or 2 pieces.

Thanks for your help in advance :)
If you do not wish to lose your AR on your belt, by getting a witching hour, then get an Immortal King's Tribal Binding with 170+ STR and some VIT on it. You get to keep your AR, and the lifesteal will help you greatly until you can boost your DPS. You can find one for under 7M.

I cannot see your offhand so it's hard to go from there as a new weapon may be your next upgrade.

Edit: Some crit chance/AR lacuni's may be good. The ones that also have STR on them are outside of your budget.
With 25M try:

Drop strongarm for 150S-170 STR 9%IAS Lacuni
Ok, picked up an IK belt and some IK boots. I can do mp5 but still die 2-3 times per key run, pretty much on any sort of elemental elite. I know for some this is acceptable but I hate dying! Can anyone check my profile and tell me what to switch (Skills or gear) to improve my durability? I currently have 1600 loh and 2.8% lifesteal. Resists are 575, armor is 7800. Any help is appreciated!
Are you maintaining fury? Your lifesteal procs off of the tornadoes. The tornades damage is determined by MH weapon. Attackspeed determines how fast they tick.

In this case you don't have an offhand weapon. Why does that matter? By electing to whirlwind with a SnB combo you are leaving a free 15% attack speed buff on the table.

Barbs gain a free 15% IAS bonus by dual wielding. That's why "most" barbs that are running pure whirlwind are running with two 1 handers. Those running hota combos will usually go skorn as an alternative and stack IAS.

As it stands that EF is pretty useless for you. You are gaining a crazy fear proc and not getting the real benefit of the +.25 APS bonus.

Try switching the sheild out for a one hander. you have exacly 34% IAS. So move your EF to your offhand and pick up a rare mace with the highest average-damage roll you can get with socket if possible and strength (bonus)

This should allow you to get more tornadoes out at a faster spin rate which should proc more life for you. Should also help you better maintain fury.

Consider also switching out Nerves of Steel for Bloodthirst. You should be alright...
I tried running a Mighty Weapon in my mainhand with the EF in the off hand but was dying too much. Any kind of elemental damage and I was toast. Thats why I went back with the shield, because Ive leaned as a a barb that armor trumps AR easily and goes a long way in surviveability.

Would u suggest dumping the EF all together and going with a mace or ax in main hand and sword or dagger in off hand?
Armor doesn't trump ar, it does the exact same thing. The figures are simply at a 10:1 ratio.

In other words, 7000 armor is equal to 700 resist.
All I know is 7k armor and 500 resist is better than 700 armor and 5k resists.

In any case, I seem to have solved my dying problem by just tanking out a bit. Im sitting at 90k dps and 73k life, still with 1300 loh and 2.8 lifesteal. I know most ww barbs dont have that much health but I really hate dying! Im playing on mp5 now and rarely die. I might get brave and play on mp6 or mp7 if I get brave :)

Im still open to suggestions, take a look at my profile and let me know what you think.

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