Mana is a problem and no Blue responses yet

Witch Doctor
In this thread, a Blue responds to a bug in the PTR, such that the mana regen was accidentally set to 20 m/s.

I suggest we all ask for a Blue Response on why there has been silence when it comes to how poorly the Witch Doctor class scales with Monster Power, specifically our mana resource.

Post here requesting, as I have, a response:

If they respond, that means they have to follow through, or risk looking bad.

Please be nice, these "Blues" are people just like you and I.
eh good luck i gave up on this quest. more luck finding an upgrade
you post this here, an hour ago, and a blue posted 2 hours ago....

read the thread may be?
I posted something about the mana on kill which doesn't scale very well in monster power. Grave injustice and of course set gear adding mana per kill. Just as useful as life on kill (no one goes out their way to get it).

No one really commented on the forum either so I gave up on that. Other classes I play so far even have some nice defensive builds like stun and freeze. I tried to experiment with addling toads and snake to the face but they suck. I ended up finding some slightly better gear to go full zuni set and not lose any DPS and gained some life. Managed to get my mana regen to 87-99 depending on primary weapon. Vision quest, blood ritual and widow spiders with bears / Well of Souls got me be able to spam bears continuously.

MP10 though.. I could handle it OK except for certain elite packs. I ended up using the Yellow tremor and it's hammer beasts (whatever they are called) to try different builds out. More I die the crappier the build lol. I decided to try out a Fury with higher fear. Managed to get an OK on in the AH. Using rain of toads / Well of Souls / Acid cloud is gold. Dying in MP10 is occasional now just becuase of that one weapon. I might use haunt to give some more mana regen. So far working good.

Maybe a good work around until they decide to do anything about mana.
Ya mana blows.
@Shockwave I'm glad echoing fury is working out for you. I've tried all sorts of ceremonial knifes, spears, 1h swords with decent dps, mana/life steal, somehow I keep returning to echoing fury because of the near 20% fear proc. I'd like a socketed manajuma with high dps, but alas it's too pricey on the AH. So I'll stick with EF. I'm using Well of Souls as well. I ran into the same problem with grave injustice so I gave up on that for tribal rites. I was also using rush of essence which returns decent mana back on the use of skills, but still not enough. One tip that may help others with mana problems. When you run out of mana from spamming zombie bears, us spirit walk / honoring guest. When you're in a pinch, the quick 15% mana regen. boost will help quickly but only temporarily. I know pierce the viel is part of my mana drain, but without that passive; my paper dps is too low to kill anything on high mps, especially ubers.

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