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It is clearly to be seen on AH thousands of replcas are being sold from the price of 100million to 2 billion

Personally i think it is pretty disgusting if you found your 200 bucks gear is a replica and it will kill this game in the fastest way.

I want to know is it going to be unanswered? Will Blizzard allow this to ruin the U.S. sever? What is going to happen on those who bought them on AH? and those bought them in other ways?
02/01/2013 11:30 PMPosted by Schlafenlied
and those bought them in other ways?

What "other ways" would those be? In any case, if your extremely phobic or concerned about any possibility of acquiring a duped item your only option is to only use ingame drops you've found yourself.

Regardless *if* there is anything happening on the AH that Blizz is looking at, if your not doing any duping I wouldn't think you have too much reason be concerned.

It is always a possibility in an online game when you acquire an item from another player via any source. You're best protection though I would think would be to use the AH rather than other means. It remains the safest bet around (and always will).

Just my $0.02 :)

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