Critique my Barbarian - gear / build

So, I'm playing through Nightmare Act 1, and although I'm progressing solidly, some encounters are proving very challenging.

I think I've probably focused too much on Strength and not enough on Vitality, as my life is less than 2k at level 35.

Also, I'm concerned about my weapon - I've struggled to find anything better than what I have right now, but surely I should have more life / greater DPS at this point?

Any pointers on stats / gear / general suggestions about my gear / build would be greatly appreciated.
if you are progressing and not having any problems then continue doing what you are doing at the moment. kinda stupid imo to be looking for advice at level 35. If health is the problem put vitality gems in. If weapon is the problem , there should be some very decent ones in the ah for super cheap. what type of build are you trying to look for? at this level you should just be focused on leveling.

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