WD most Useless class in MP10

Witch Doctor
One thing that I want to mention about the 0dogs build is that you need to be good at it for it to be effective. I struggled with it for a long time when I first started using it and I was very discouraged and started to regret all of the gold that I spent on the gear. I stuck with it though and gradually learned how to best play the build and now I am very comfortable with it. I do still die slightly more often than when I'm using my ZB builds but the extra damage output is worth the slightly reduced survivability.
man i got tons of mp10 uber carry request everyday. barbs love my hex on kulle, and super voodoos.

and i do mp10 act2 key runs when i'm bored, usually die 1~3 times per run but that's ok, typically i met a rd pack XD

Same here. MP10 Ubererers love my WD.
BBV/slam and BM have been mentioned already.

Don't forget MC/paranoia. For high MP it's effective 100% uptime on elites and also stacks with BBV/slam.

My dream group is cm/ww wiz + barb + monk + WD. Stack up all the offensive and defensive buffs and you will burn them down right quick. Actually, I would like to organize a regular group of that composition for MP8-MP9 farming once 1.07 drops. I believe the new +XP% numbers will make that optimal for both XP and loot. I'll be bringing my wiz; msg me in game if you want to bring wd/barb/monk.
02/05/2013 09:54 AMPosted by SunTzu
If you are less than 100k Dps then farming over mp2 solo is not efficient.

I solo MP5/6 when I look for keys. I swap out Horrify for Jinx. I die maybe 1-2 times each run and it's normally because I did something stupid. I have few problems getting 5 stacks and them killing the Warden in A4 MP6. I don't understand why so many WD's !@#$% and moan about the higher MP's. Sure, I can't do MP10 lol. MP10 isn't for me and my 90k DPS with below average EHP. Luckily... I figured out how the damn skills work and I'm able to take advantage of that.

WD for life lol.

Im more talking about farming items, not keys. As you said you struggle with getting stacks which indicates packs. If you struggle with packs you cant farm efficiently. For keys farm as high mp as possible. Not that difficult as you only need to kill 5 packs and the warden. Wardens are a joke, especially if you use hex.

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