ATTN Support team, reply please.

Technical Support
Technical support you are a bunch of useless..... 2 weeks I have been trying to get a bloody response from you Muppets.
Your first post was a list of issues, only one of which was a Tech Support issue and comes off more as a complaint thread than a request for help. Also, forum posts are not "tickets" or a way around the ticket system. Your second post was about not being able to create a ticket, all your other posts were about not getting a response....

You got a response and guidance

The last ticket I see submitted by your account in EU where the account is located was on 2012-10-19 It was resolved the same day. The last ticket I see in the US where you have a game account was 2012-07-24, also resolved the same day.

If you're having a technical issue, you can post it here to get help. Otherwise, you need to create a support ticket.

This article will lead you through the process.

If you can't create a ticket you were asked to post here with the Tech Support Issue - which you have not done. Your other post has whole list of things in it, only ONE of which Tech Support can assist with. Tech Support blues are Forum Support Agents who are responsible only for assisting with getting the game installed and running on a user's PC. Anything else is handled by other departments.

1. Whirlwind bug - Forum Support Agents are not part of the QA team nor do they have any idea when/if that bug will be fixed. Post on the Bug Report forum and hope one of the folks from that department comments. By the way, they don't take tickets for Bug reports or questions.
2. Whirlwind crits are not Tech Support issue either. You may want to ask other players on the appropriate Class forum.
3. FPS and settings file - This IS a Tech Support issue and you can create a new thread like you were requested to do with the details. Make the title something related to the issue, not a plea for a Blue...those are frowned on and you may not get the response you are looking for.
4. Where someone got gold is not something Tech Support can investigate or get involved in.
5. If you have issues with creating tickets, you need to delete your cache and cookies in the browser and try again. If that does not work, try a different browser. If that still fails, post on the Website Bug Report forum where they take reports of website issues. It is not something Tech Support deals with.

If you want assistance, then do what the Blue said and post the Tech Support issue (#3) in its own thread here with the details. Make the title relevant to the issue. You are far more likely to get assistance that way. As for the rest of your concerns, this particular forum is not the place for them.
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