Ready For UBRS or Diablo MP0?

Statistically speaking does barb #2 on my list look ready for either of these? I feel overly ready to kill Diablo, but have yet to attempt it on HC. I have never done UBRS because I quit playing shortly before paragon lvling was introduced and only recently started playing again.

My main concern lies with my sustainability. I'm built for killing massive amounts of enemies in the shortest time possible, not for long fights against only a few targets. I'm looking to pick up Blackthorns chest/pants and a LOH ring or ammy but that's probably a couple weeks out. Short term - would runing WW for life steal on crits and swapping sprint for rend be enough? Thanks in advance for any input.
Trick is a good kiter for General Drakkisath.
You are very ready, my friend. My Barb did with only a hiccup around the Keywarden, and he has 1/4 of the gear that you do.

Of course you can switch out skills - no one is making you keep them. I think the build I run is a pretty standard "safe" build for Barbs. I notice my WW friends have difficulty keeping health globe full; - if this is a problem for you on the regular, maybe switching your passives around is enough. EG: you are using 3 aggressive passives - putting in 2 passives like Nerves of Steel and Superstion (keep ruthless or wep master) will help with this.

You don't really need 80k dps to down dialbo - so orienting your passives for max damage seems a little overkill. Afterall, if you die your dps is 0,

Hope this helps!
I figured diablo would probably be cake, I've just never done UBRS so I didn't know what to expect. I'm sure I'll watch a few vids on it too beforehand.

My health globe is almost always full as long as I'm killing stuff, Sever proc + a little life steal is amazing, but I don't really know how long the ubers fight lasts and if there's adds to kill or not. I was planning on swapping my passives out for sure, I'm set up for speed runs right now. Superstition over brawler for sure and most likely nerves of steal over ruthless too.
I killed diablo in 2-3minutes standing still hitting him with my 34k dps monk, with 80dps you'll be more than fine... You'll spend more time watching him transition into different phases than hitting him.

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