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  • The paragon system was a nice addition for players who hit 60 but it brings some negativity with it. It's hard to want to play other characters once we start in on one with paragon levels. It would be wonderful if paragon levels were account wide. This would allow players to play any character they wanted and feel as though they were building towards a common personal goal no matter who they chose to play with. Borderlands 2 has handled this wonderfully with their Badass Rank system and we feel that the Paragon system could really benefit from a change like this.
  • Legendary and Set items have come a long way but they still need help (And Set Stat Types). As a group my friends and I really enjoyed collecting in Diablo II. Getting Sigon’s set and then starting a new character and giving him that set to blow through lower content on Players8 just felt fun. No matter what level we were at we always flipped out when a green or gold item dropped, it didn’t matter that it was likely Cathan’s Seal or some other crap it was always exciting. With the change in drop rates I’ve started a new character and have yet to see a set (not available till inferno), a legendary, or a plan drop. Maybe I just have bad luck. This could be another space were Paragon levels being account wide would help out. Though you can’t raise your Paragon till 60 it would be nice if it worked while leveling.
  • I don’t have much direct feedback on the classes themselves I have some specific thoughts on the Wizard’s armor skills. I really like the way Mantra’s work for the Monk in that they have an on use proc making them a more active and fun skill to use. Perhaps something like this:
    • 1. Energy Armor - For 5 seconds after activation, a second effect grants a Slow Time bubble. 10 second cooldown. (We don’t know the numbers for skill usage but perhaps Slow Time could be merged with Energy Armor and a new skill created? Fireball!!!)

      2. Ice Armor – When activated a group of Frozen Orbs are launched in all directions, dealing 100% weapon damage as cold to all enemies within 10 yards. 10 second cooldown.

      3. Storm Armor – When activated a Static Field is blasted outward reducing the health of all monsters caught in its path by %25. 10 second cooldown.

      4. Please give us a timer icon for Familiar. :)

  • The artisans, the economy, and gold sinks...
    • 1. Covetous Shen, the jeweler: He feels pretty solid but giving him the ability to add sockets to an item would boost his use and could have a great effect on the economy. What if the number of sockets was random and the cost based on the item level of the item being altered?

      2. Haedrig Eamon, the blacksmith: He is greatly underused and that is a travesty. This is partly due to the low drop rate of plans and the complete lack of set plans until level 60. Also, what if, for a fee, he could alter a single stat on an item? Intellect becomes strength, increased mana regen becomes increased spirit regen, etc. We aren’t looking to get rid of the loot game but give us some way to “partially” manage how good an item could be for us.

      3. Auction House:Please let us search for all plans we don’t have instead of making us go through them one at a time without a real way to see which ones we already have.

  • Future Ideas...
    • I. Act I is loved in Diablo 3 and that has a lot to do with its pacing, art, and layout. Many of the zones in Act I have multiple events and or random locations that can show up. Act II and Act III really pale in comparison to Act I in this regard. I hope that whatever an expansion might bring that it brings many more random locations, dungeons, and events to all of the current acts but especially Act II and III. Exploration is a key component of Diablo and right now Act II and Act III really don’t offer much incentive to explore in many of the outdoor zones (though Act III has the best monster density). The city architecture in Act II is gorgeous but highly underutilized. I know it may be too late but get us a tile set for the city and get us in there!

      II. A real reason to explore the nooks and crannies. Give any non-story related dungeon or mini-dungeon the ability to spawn a treasure goblin portal. This portal could lead to a brand new multi-level dungeon with a new random tile set. Take us to the vault of the goblins and end it with a treasure-goblin king and a few resplendent chests! Give the tile set a ton of variety so the floors can really feel different and worth exploring again and again.

      III. Speaking of mini-dungeons, they’re great! Give us more of them!I

      V. Karyna, the mystic?: Personally I thought the enhancement system was quite awesome from the beta. I also like the idea of somehow linking her in to the talisman which I really hope to see return with some version of the runes system from Diablo II. More things dropping are always good.

      V. Allow the followers to be used in multiplayer. Let us show them off to friends! They aren’t very showy visually and shouldn’t add to much work as far as balancing.

      VI. Can’t wait for PVP but what about Group PVE? Maybe a Horde Mode with a little base building? Imagine Gears of War Horde mode in Diablo 3 with magic turrets, mirror images, etc… the thought of it makes me drool.

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