"Unsupported Video Card" - 2/5/13

Technical Support
Hey all,

After maintenance today, we started getting some reports from people getting a message saying that their video card is not supported. This issue has been reported and is currently being looked into.

In the mean time, you should still be able to get into the game by hitting the ESC key when you see the "Unsupported Video Card" message on your screen.
Update for Windows XP users:

We've seen some reports that hitting the ESC key to bypass the "Unsupported video card" message could result in a Windows Error, which then leads to the game client crashing for Windows XP users.

To workaround this, you will want to ensure that you are running on the most recent video drivers. Running on the most recent video driver will not make the "Unsupported video card" message go away, since that is an issue that appears to be on our end, but it will allow you to hit the ESC key and continue into the game without receiving a Windows Error.

Here are a few links where new drivers can be found:

Nvidia users

AMD users

Intel users

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