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I have just had an update and now my video card is unsupported. I checked minimum requirements and the unsupported cards which I was redirected too. 9800gt is not listed as unsupprted and the minimum requirement is 7800

I have been playing this game since it came out. This is not fair. Please help.
I have had the same problem. Playing since launch, now my card is supposedly unsupported.
Same here. GeForce8600GT no issues with perfomance since the game launch until now
Same thing, game worked fine last week, downloaded new patch and it tells me unsupported video card. Geforce 250 GTS
This is a known issue that has been reported and is currently being looked into. In the mean time, you guys can hit the ESC key to bypass the "Unsupported video card" message and continue into the game.

Please check the following sticky thread for any updates on this issue:
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I have a Nvidia 7600 gs and have never had a problem running Diablo 3. With this latest patch the game will not launch.

please fix the problem
I have a AMD Radeon HD 7340 and have had some probs with lag, but it hasn't kept me from playing until this patch downloaded. I agree w/ previous statements; please fix this problem!
I can't wait to see the amount of people demanding a refund over this. That's Bait and Switch on an epic scale if I ever saw it...and BTW, I have the same card and same problem.
02/05/2013 06:41 PMPosted by Dankorii
you guys can hit the ESC key to bypass the "Unsupported video card" message and continue into the game.

thanks :P
Thankyou STICKY. I hope my video card will continue to be supported in the future as I can't just go out and buy another one or another computer and I like playing this game.
Hope this issue is resolved quickly though. ty.
next update they will make it so we wont be able to bypass it anymore :D

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