How important is the D3 economy to you?

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Wrong. It has already been stated by a CM that the items on the AH affect how the items dropped will roll on a global scale. Whether you use the AH or not is irrelevant. This said, was to prevent the 'economy' from flooding the market with thousands of godly pieces of gear at once. So even if you never touch the AH, ever, the global player base, and current item listings on the AH, will still dictate the quality of items rolled when dropped.

This again? Pages and pages of tinhat elbow-grease. Ignore aggregate results of anyone who bothers checking. Absurdly counter-intuitive. Extreme interpretation of a moderator statement (not a dev) which was in fact clarified later by the same party to exclude the subject case from possibility. Assumption of a complex solution rather than a simple one (occums heuristic). Non-empirical analysis. Invalid useless theory made quite annoying by thinly-veiled trolling.
Completely irrelevant

Diablo games should focus on:
- combat
- class balance
- content
- itemization
- crafting
- endgame items
- U.I options
- Additional Setting options
- Enhanced communication
- Game stability
- Game security
- PvP

After all of that has been addressed, I might start to factor in the games economy.
In other words, the economy is like DLC to me.
It's entirely optional and should play a non-role on the game design or execution.

If the best item in the world sells for $3.00.
That's fine by me so long as the game plays well.
The AH is an optional feature after all.

This, more or less, sums up my expectations too. The economy is a non-entity to me since I disagree with the implementation and use of their AH system. Many love it and that's great. Not me.
I think things will improve once BoA crafting is added if they can just up the power of the recipes a little more. People will be cranking out tens of billions of gold worth of items just looking for that showcase piece and the price of everything will drop considerably.
There is an economy because Blizz made it so. Had they actually set out to empower drops, drop rates, self-sustaining-itemization and so forth, there wouldn't have been a need to have an economy.

Unless you're referring to those who simply want to pay to win. Well that's not an economy. That's just human nature.
I giggle everytime I see a thread titled "OMG DUPE, 2 ITEMS ON AH THE SAME!!!".

Mostly because it baffles me that people care enough about a game "economy" to come and yell on the forum.

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