Why arn't my items sllign on the AH?

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So here is a really dumb question. I put items on the AH to sell, and they dont. Sounds like im trying to sell crappy items, but I dont believe I am. Is there a list of items and stats on items that will sell that I can get ahold of? BTW, im not trying to sell for 10s of millions, rather more like 50 or 60K

they dont sell cause the AH is !@#$ed. dont be surprised if your listings arn't even being advertised.
Perhaps it is now .. But this has been going on for a long time. And my long time I mean months ...

They are not selling because many of the D3 players have left plus the players that are still playing are able to list 10 items at a time. This means that, we have way too many items and not enough players on the AH. It is inflated with items. This may change as 1.0.7 comes out and people come back, but don't put your money on it. Or it could be that you are not selling items that are "in fashion" with items (if that makes sense). Like items that have a combo of stats, like CD with OS, or CD and LS with Vit. these are what people are looking for. not standard items. I have some gangstar gloves (tirfecta) and ammys with 50+CD and 9.5 CC and 150+ dex 100+strg 100+vit and no one wants it... This is because the AH is flooded with items.

Esse, the biggest problem with the A/H is that everybody is listing everything so no matter how good or bad you items are there are pages and pages of crap around them, that is why people may not even be seeing them
Thx guys :)

I appreciate the feedback.

I asked my grandpa why your items weren't selling and he said it has something to do with the "god damn commies".


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