Not a seasoned vet... but just an idea I had

Witch Doctor
We all know how awesome CM wizards are or WW barbs.... but why not add things that make this possible for them in other class?

Now don't get me wrong i don't want to see a WW witch doctor... But how about a weapon that gives manna for each crit hit? (Instead of mana per second) Passives and weapons are what feeds those builds for the other classes. I'm not familiar with monks/demon hunters but it would be nice to have something that helps us replenish our skill cost, so that way were not on clean up duty always.

Also, I know there are ZD builds.. that can make a WD arguably more OP than others but go ahead and price check the cost of a ZD WD build to a CM wiz or a WW barb - not even close.

Again I don't know much about the DH or Monk but i'msure they could benefit from this as well
how about mana regen
We'd our OP build, it's called 0dog, just it's too expensive for everyone.
for higher MP when killing white mob take more than couple hit, Locust with the mana rune helps A LOT, add some mana passive and u can be mana infinite spamming bears...i tried it yesterday (with a skorn 156k dps) at mp10, worked well downside is my dps a bit too low only for mp 10.

ps:if my skorn had LS, i would have been able to tank the !@#$ out of them elites

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