Wiz set bonus changing 1.07 <<__>>>

02/02/2013 01:35 PMPosted by tutWindex
So glad I don't have nats set. I always thought it was crappy anyway, really not worth 7% crit to lose so much other stats.

My nats is a 800m gold AR trifecta for 230m. plus a lot of ar armor in boots. Lost some dps/ehp maybe over a 800m gold rare ring and 500m gold Ice climbers. But set was like 280m. Nats is huge bang for buck man nothing compares. But I agree in spirit there are better choices if money is no object.
It is probably a glitch like was already mentioned.
Alright guys, I let this go for a while to see if anyone else would figure it out.

The forum changes they made glitched the % symbol.

So we lost all...

% Crit (nats)
% Block (lantern)
% Elemental bonus (tals)
% Elites (blackthorns / chants)
% MF/GF (litany)

No conspiracy, the sky is not falling. Just a glitchy new forum with way too big font.


Cain's set still shows the 30% experience bonus.
lol @ this thread.
Oops wrong thread
02/02/2013 03:06 PMPosted by Aphraell
Oops wrong thread

Nah right thread.

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