LF Mediocre Wizard Like Me :(

Like the subject says, I'm loosing faith that i will ever find BiS gear or even that 100m drop. But, I have a totally functional CM wiz that, paired with another totally functional mediocre CM wiz, could do higher level MP Ubers.

I've actually done MP9 with a group, so I dont feel like i'm totally worthless. I do full SNS shards at MP5 for key runs (5-10 mins), I have tons of machines, but can only solo MP5 ubers with CM and total mitigation.

Anyway, if your like me and want to farm evenings (EST), add me in game. Peace.
I am not great nor mediocre, but you are always welcome to add me and jump into my games. I play with a lot of people and enjoy the game on higher MP levels for the challenge rather than the efficiency by itself. Seeya online!
Fledra added.

Still looking for friends. On PTR i'm a god with Unstable Anomoly (not really, but its pretty OP) and will be doing ubers after 1.07.

Probably be doing some archon crafting/plan farming as well.

Add me if your interested.
You are more then welcome to farm with me when your bored. Don't do Ubers that much though. If you do stretch time bubble then I can play around with my 3.8 ias build. :)

Love the name of your monk btw
I'll add you when i sit down to play later. I can run with stretch time and do 3.01, so we can play with that. I just move slow as hell without TP.
Add me, i love ubers and high mp key runs i'll take ya around.

Added, see you online
Hiya Jack. I'm sorta consumed with paragon leveling now but happy to jump into another game from time to time for key / portal boss kills. Also happy to have someone come along on an xp+loot run with me as well.
Add me as well. Have a few machines....and just need more A2 keys to make machines. Still looking for a mediocre ring to use, lol.

I'm pretty solid in MP9 ubers....MP10 still hurts for some reason. No matter what I do. Typically farm keys MP6 or so.

Usually on every night after 11 EST.
Add me if you wish. I like ubers mp10 and farming (i'm not big on plvling and key finding) but I don't play that much - may be couple hours at most after 10pm during the weekdays and usually spend my time browsing in AH.

don't do ubers in any mp except mp 10. don't waste your machines. I have group of people who can carry you.

usually farm in mp8. Also, I might have some stuff to give out. don't be discouraged. enjoy the game.
u could add me also. ive been playing a wd working to 60 when none of my friends are on to play. if its solo i usally stick to mp5-6 and groups i tend to stay at 6.

i actually have no idea how well i can uber as ive only done mp5 once with no deaths and mp6 i died a few times thx to magdha and king. but i have 3 machines atm.

edit: i also play randomly at evenings since i have a newborn son who can be very picky on sleep and food. and im central time zone
Awesome! Be nice to have some online friends back in game. I lost everyone to pandas...
same here, add me...looking forward to high Mp and uber run.
I can play with my gear and build depending on the situation..

thanks in advance.

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