Need Wizard Build Ideas

Hey, so I just picked up this sweet Skorn weapon after taking a few months break from Diablo:

With a few million gold, I've managed to equip my basically worthless lvl 60 Wizard with some crit chance gear to take advantage of this sweet weapon.

I'm at 84k dps right now, so I wanted to see what build options are available to me. Can I start building towards a low-end CM build with my 40% crit chance? Any suggestions are welcome.
cm/ww Requires high attack speed as well as crit to really get rolling. You'd probably be more interested in an Archon-based build with a Skorn (check some of the big build threads).
heres 2 builds in particular

meteor spam - needs high apoc to be extremley good
crystal armor or prism
power of the storm
arcanot familiar
and ofc meteor w/e rune you can use but most use starpact cuz 50 is really just too much
CM/astralprecense/glass cannon
another is a lightning build
forked lightning
lightning hydra
shocking aspect
diamond skin
any rune on teleport
paralysis/glass cannon/blur

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