What happened to Selling Characters feature?

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When the RMAH was introduced there was a note along the lines of "eventually players will be able to sell their characters on the RMAH." Is this still in the works or was the idea scrapped?

I just know a lot of Barb rerollers that would love to sell their old Monks, and Monks would sell really well right now that people are starting to stack "multibox valor" to 4 for 4x the legendaries and damage.
Just go to ebay, this is outside of Diablo. I would sell my godly hand and fingers if someone paid me 900m dollars in real life too.


Lap Chi
I really hope that they still implement this as planned. Think it would add some great depth to the RMAH and reach out to a fan base otherwise overlooked. Please implement this blizz!
Probably because they realized that with no skill tree that every character is exactly the same as every other one in the same class.
This will never happen, imagine all the botters selling off their toons once they hit 100para.
could you imagine the possibilities?

Flipping whole chars ...

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