Life on hit on demon hunter

Demon Hunter
your thoughts guys ! ?

Tried it recently not sure if its really that good

i dont see much diff Considering shadow power is op

i dont see much diff Considering shadow power is op


why bother when you're just going to be using shadow power anyway?
It works for certain builds, i.e. grenades and it's also good for hardcore but for DH's with high DPS most skills don't proc enough loh for it to overcome reflect damage so you still have to use shadow power. Maybe that will change in 1.07 with the changes to reflect but I doubt it.
I used to run a DW set up with around 1.6k life on hit, it works but it is limited.

Completely cancels out any problem you will ever have with reflect.

You can run without gloom.

The problem with it is you need to be hitting fast and a lot for it to work, ie: DW with an attack like gas grenades that hits multiple times. So it limits you gear choices heavily and your DPS because of that.
Back prior to 1.04 or so it was a core part of the Tanky DH build and it worked great, however now with better legendary items like Manticore and Calamity my personal opinion is you can achieve a far higher DPS while still being "tanky" if you stick with Gloom.

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