Free Player-Donated Legendaries

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ive got 8 mil i can donate to help get someone some items or something.
@ Joe,
why don't you do a set giveaway? something that can do MP4-5 is a good giveaway = )
I just did one in the monk forum

I don't see any set giveaway in the Wiz forum so maybe you can be the first?
@joemama can u help me out ?
@QHTran: sure, I'll reserve them for you.

@joemama: I like QHTran's idea. Throw together a basic MP5 ready CM set and post it on the wiz forum (or in this thread, if you want). I've never had someone offer to donate gold before and haven't really thought about how to work it out. I wouldn't want to take the gold because there would be no way of separating it from my personal gold and I'd have to constantly remember how much gold was mine vs how much was donor gold. Alternatively, you could buy a nice item or three and post them here.
Some more nice donations added.
Phew, if I could I would totally trade my tals chest for the one you have lol

Which follower would you recommend? I use scoundrel right now, but I can't really seem to find on the forums what people usually suggest. I'd would take some of that gear off your hands for my follower (grand vizier for enchantress and either windforce or hell rack for scoundrel)
Any suggestions on what I should add to my Wiz gear?
Was directed here from the barb forums for new players. Was wondering if I could get 2 of the following Immortal Kings pieces for the set bonus. Not sure if thats being greedy or not, but if only one per person, preference on a weapon.

Barbarian Only:

Mighty Belts:
    IK Tribal Binding: 326armor, 188str, 66int, 80AR, 13maxFury, 2.8LS, 6RevengeCC

Mighty Weapons:

    IK Boulder Breaker: 1390.5dps, 1.11aps, 312str, 198dex, 11IAS, indestructible, 7SeismicSlamCC
    IK Boulder Breaker: 1545.6dps, 1.11aps, 304str, 165vit, 11IAS, indestructible, 8SeismicSlamCC [Luna]

All Classes:

    *IK Eternal Reign: 814armor, 145str, 83dex, 32vit, 80AR, 3OS [QHTran]

Thanks. Ive added atgowtwt#1159 in game already.
@Malaska: Both are good for various reasons. Enchantress is good for magic find (Vizier) and can help you to hit a breakpoint (2.31, 2.5, or 2.73 aps) with the 3IAS from her focused mind ability. Scoundrel give crit chance and, if equipped with a buriza and multishot, can be used as an effective source of chill for Cold Blooded. Windforce is a terrible item to give him if you are running a CM/WW type build since the knockback will constantly punch mobs out of your whirlwinds and frost nova range.

Items marked with a '*' are reserved for players with little or no viable gear. If you'd like one of the other TR chests I can swap, and you are also free to pick out a follower item.

@JMAC09: Pick out a Force, VW, and Prowlers (you qualify for the * pair). Add me and I'll hook you up with some jewelry and some build advice, too.

@KirbyMorph: You are welcome to all three IK items, if you want. I'm assuming you'd like the heavier axe. :P Tho you might want to consider a Skorn instead (the 200+ CHD can easily outperform an extra 2-300 weapon damage).
im sorry guys havent paid attention much lately. how would i do a set give away exactly? can you buy a set for 8 mil?
Hey, if I could ask some one for 4-5milion for the equipment. I need two things to get started farm golds and items. I would highly appreciate it. Thanks for your time.
Hey, if I could ask some one for 4-5milion for the equipment. I need two things to get started farm golds and items. I would highly appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

add me in game
[quote]add me in game

Hey, I add you after maintenance. Thanks for reply. I realy apprecieate.
I'll add you this afternoon when I'm on! Thanks so much!
I'd like to request the 190 INT Vile Ward, the 184 Avg DMG Triumvirite, and Tals Ammy, and the 463 armor lacuni if possible!
Can I request the following items?

Mara's Kaleidoscope: 84str, 133dex, 192int, 282vit, 65AR, -9Firebats [pichapie]
Zuni's: 88int, 48fireRes, 70AR, 6%life, 34CHD, 25GF
Lacuni: 231armor, 53int, 68vit, 31physRes, 74AR, 8IAS, 1104thorns [yems]
Depth Diggers: 404armor, 218int, 29vit, 27psnRes, 74AR, 24GF, 20MF [SCR26]

Im really interested in the innas vast chest set for a monk!

But from the list i would love these

Innas: 391armor, 138dex, 70vit, 38psnRes, 89regen, 6CC, 1OS

*Ice Climbers: 339armor, 67str, 186dex, 180int, 43psnRes, 71AR, 12%life, -8iceDmg, 1OS

*Mempo: 453armor, 176dex, 103int, 71AR, 9IAS, 11%life, 1OS [akraclove]

Mara's Kaleidoscope: 284str, 197dex, 89int, 89vit, 67AR, 46CHD, -9Hydra [akraclove]

Unity: 48avgDmg, 151int, 53fireRes, 260LoH, 4.5CC, 4eliteDmg [akraclove]

i'd like to request:

Andariel's Visage: 370armor, 168str, 50fireRes, 9IAS, 20GF, 171regen, 4.5CC, 5%fireWeakness, 23%psnNova [AgentX]

Skorn: 1156.9dps, 1aps, 322str, 297dex, 190CHD, 96.8bleed(6087-9331), 1OS [akraclove]

@radroach84 & greatdivider: alright, I'll reserve them for you. Be sure to contact me in game to pick them up soon.

BabyLove already picked up the climbers but decided not to take the other gear so it's still on the table.

yems gave me a full archon starter set to give to one player "who really needs it". I also have a few donations and items I need to add to the thread (hopefully tonight before I start playing).
Chantodo's: 1097.5dps, 1.62aps, 170int, 1810LaK, 9APoC [Akraclove]
Chantodo's: 208avgDmg, 102dex, 190int, 9IAS, 14maxAP, 9.5CC, 7SpectralBladesDmg [?]
i know you said that i ask to much here but can i have this and ill never ask again?

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