Free Player-Donated Legendaries

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i am 2 tabs full of legs and sets. seriously
I'd absolutely love any of those APoC Wiz items if I qualify :o. Just picked the game back up recently after a long break, working on farming keys etc for Hellfire Ring atm. Feel free to inspect!

edit: Got my eye on the last Stormcrow listed with 10APoC, and the 800something dps Chantodo's wand
@hops: I'll try to log in around then.

@yodatoy and picha: It looks like I'm about to hand off most of the better items, so go ahead and pick out the cream of your stuff and I'll list it. You are also welcome to post a list of what you have here and I'll add it to the OP.

@Deathstep: Anything else? I'll reserve those items for you.
Hi, I'm a wizard coming back looking to gear for CM/WW and I am half naked, I'm willing to accept any item that would be available to use torwards gearing from when I quit.
02/05/2013 08:41 AMPosted by ATGOWTWT
I wish I had a few Maximus and Grand Viziers to offer - both are fantastic items on the enchantress.
That's too bad, I just brimstone'd a couple grand viziers before I donated :(
@Chris: the only CM oriented gear left atm is Storm Crow. But people are constantly donating, so there may well be more chants gear and such, later.

@JackStraw: No worries. I'm sure more will turn up.
I'd be interested in any of these items.

For Wiz:
Strongarm: 436armor, 73str, 153int, 38vit, 8%life, 4.5CC, 3knockback [JackStraw]
Dark Mage's Shade: 298armor, 171int, 46vit, 5%life, 3cc, 10crowdCtrl, -4 hydra [JackStraw]
Frostburn Gauntlets: 532armor, 5iceDmg, 26iceSkills, 5055globes, 7PUR

For Barb:
Sky Splitter: 1016dps, 1.43aps, 179str, 114dex, 40int, 10ias, 589regen, 10%smite [pichapiegal]
Promise of Glory: 168armor, 117str, 73int, 43litRes, 15GF, 14MF, 3.5CC [Luna]
I finally added the 2h gear tonight. Now I just have a few trinkets to put up.
I've been handing out rare accessories to people who come for legends, too, but am running low. If anybody has any decent rings, amulets, or belts they'd like to donate, these items seem to be quite popular!

@BigJaker: np
I think my gear is in pretty rough shape.. I got it all jumbled. I'll take any help I can get folks. =D

That includes easy gear swaps that would make me not suck as hard. :D
what lv of gear are you looking for?
@TresOnce: Your gear isn't exactly low-end. Some of it doesn't work together very well, tho. My advice would be to sell the ice climbers, chants will, oculus, and lacunis and buy yourself a decent socketed black weapon with lifesteal and a pair of zuni boots and then claim one of the triums here. I can hook you up with a rare bracer with CC for free, too.

@MASTERMUERTE: for donations? L60+ but will make exceptions for a few lower level items. As long as it makes sense that someone would want to use it.
Hello ATG. I have been looking for a decent Mempo helm. Zuni boots with decent vit and a Zuni ring. I have a few legendaries to donate and an immortal kings helm I found yesterday. Let me know if you want them. I will gladly give them to you. Choppertech#1204. Add me if you like

Im looking for lower level legendaries for the Wizard. I am only at LV 38. Add me if you have anymore to spare.
@ChopperTech: thx for the IK Helm and Azurewrath. I'm not expecting many items in the Mempo/Pox class - they generally sell for too much to pass up on. (I've never even found a Mempo!)

@jtsma516: All of my items are L59+. You are welcome to pick whatever you want on the list right now in preparation for hitting 60, tho.
List is now entirely up to date. Every legend I am holding has been listed. ^^
In a bit of a drought with legends. And the few that I am finding are not even worth adding to the list. :(
Don't be shy, ppl. I'm gonna have to get all "kill shelter" and start putting this stuff on a brimstone clock if it doesn't start moving.

Just added a few nice donations from ChopperTech. Check that Tal's armor out!
I wouldn't mind any one of the Strongarm bracers, Immortal King's helmet, or Firewalkers.
You can have all three. :)
I'm coming back after a very long absence and my equipment was never good, so any donations would be appreciated.

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