Is the stage set for Titan vs. EQNext ?

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We all know that Titan is coming, and we have very little information about it. We know Blizzard has been working on it for some time, it will be a new IP and an MMO of some kind. Correct me if I am wrong.
EQNext is being called the largest sandbox MMO in history, with Norrath being re-visited. Some predict it will be a merge of SWG, EQ and Vanguard conceptually. McQuaid is back at SOE as well, presumably to provide creative input. Smed has recently given some tidbits about it, link is easy to find if you care to see it. They seem to be staking a lot on this game,
It seems the two games have roughly the same projected predicted launch window: 2014-15.
I wonder if we will have a re match of the EQ2 vs WoW battle? We all know how that turned out.
"Players will get their hands on an actual release version of what we're doing late [this] year - and I don't mean a beta," says Smedley.

Last paragraph. End of 2013 is when they're looking at releasing EQN. Though 2014 wouldn't be a surprise.

Personally, I don't care about Titan. While I don't hate Blizzard, I don't really like their design decisions in the recent years (especially in WoW) and have little faith in them putting out another decent MMO.
Yes I saw that too, and I wonder. I am just assuming that we wont see it until 14. If they prove me wrong I wont complain.
I think WOW only won the battle back when they first came out due to 2 things.
1 WoW being easy mode for the most part compared to eq2
and 2nd Blizzard advertised the hell out of WoW where eq2 had very little advertisement at all.
could care less about titan, sounds like another Diablo3 cause. barely any info in dev for 5+ years, has nothing new to show for it.
Right Flea.
I was a long time D2 player so the transition to WoW seemed natural. I hadn't heard of EQ2 and even if I had I doubt theres anyway I would have tried it given my devotion to Blizzard at the time.
It was, as many have pointed out before, the perfect storm scenario for WoW.
EQ2 also had issues with the way hardware progressed; specifically, CPUs. IIRC, the game was designed around the idea that CPUs would just get faster and faster but instead, they went the route of multiple cores. EQ2 seemed to have issues with fully utilizing multiple cores (was it more than 2 cores?).

My really old computer ran (and if I still had it, could probably STILL run) EQ2 much better than my current one even though my current one is much more powerful (modern games run on high/ultra). That was actually a big issue for me every time I tried playing EQ2 (most recent was last year). I actually found much of EQ2 to be more fun than WoW, which I played for 7 years. But the performance issues, even on very low settings, was a deal-breaker.
Blizz is supposedly revealing Titan at the next Blizzcon, I'm not sure when it takes place, late summer iirc, I cant remember. Anyway, if thats the case SOE's reveal/whatever Smed hinted at might occur around the same time. I only played Vanguard for a short time, and a bit of EQ2 on an old GF's account, only dabbling though. I am familiar with the NGE that happened in SWG and the vitriol directed to SOE as a result. They hardly have a good reputation, and I have really never played their games. As a result of this and the latest developments at Blizz I will be wary about both, neither will be buy on release for me.
I will be following both games to see how they shape up.
You are correct that eq2 had problems with newer hardware. When I built a new rig and ran SLI eq2 ran like crap but as soon as I turned it off it ran awesome. It also if i recall had a problem with duel core where if they were out of sync you would get some kind of run speed hack where you would zoom across the screen. Was frowned upon by the GMs.
As far as SOE having a bad rep that is true but at the same time eq2 was an awesome game and most of the GMs I ran into were nice for the most part.
The thing I loved about that game the most was the end game raiding, even if they would purposely make a zone so laggy you couldn't raid it just so content wouldn't be beating to quickly. lol
SOE announced the date of their event yesterday, which will be in Las Vegas Aug. 1-4.
I'm guessing they will be pretty tight lipped about the game till then.
Blizzcon is confirmed this year, and has taken place in either August or October in the past, iirc.
Still a possible showdown in the cards!
History will repeat itself.
Sony will release a next gen mmorpg ( Eq next ) blizzard will learn the game and use it for Titan

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