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I'm hoping someone can clarify why some items don't do the damage you expect them to do from looking at their stats. Both examples bellow should clarifiy what I mean.

In the first case:

1) Andariel's Visage DEF 391
155 Dex
127 Int
47 Poison resist
8% IAS
228 Life Regen
4.5% Crit Ch
%9 ext Fire dam
%25 ch to cast Poison Nove

2) Serpent Echo DEF 325
79 St
241 Int
59 Vit
%13 ext gold
78 Life Regen
6% Crit Ch.

I expect Serpent Echo to be the better choice for damage, as it has 127 more Int, but Andarial's Visage shows +235.8 dam on my wizard. I get that this is a small difference, but should'nt there be 127 Int worth of damage more than Andarial's?

Second Case:

1) Victory hatred (rare Amulet)
+36 max dam.
%52 Crit Dm
Melee att. take 336
%6 Crit Ch

2)Military Locket (rare Amulet)
+33 max dam.
86 St
205 Int
+309 Armor
%10 Crit Ch
4% Ranged att. reduced.

In this second case, It would be obvious to me that the military locket does more damage, seeing the 205 Int, as opposed to the Victory Hatred, with absolutaly no Int. Wrong again. The Victory hatred, with no Int boost, shows +327.9 dam.

I suspect Crit dam, or Crit chance plays a role...? What am I missing?
There are multiple reasons to explain the discrepancies. Choosing a piece of gear solely on your main stat as dmg (intel, in this case) is completely incorrect. You must take almost every stat into account (Int, IAS, Crit Ch, bonus Fire dmg vs Int, Crit Ch in the First case), in addition to your character's stats PRIOR to using this piece of gear.
I reccommend you use a calculator, like http://www.d3rawr.com/, and never make assumptions based on something as simple as your main stat.
I suspected as much, thanks for clarifying - Just needed someone to confirm the complexity of damage calculation. I'll check out the site.

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