Public Game, Barb Builds.

With the new patch allowing for MP level Co-Op games, I thought I'd ask around and see what everyone prefers to run in public games.
I personally think they will get more activity since we will be able to adjust difficulty.
I'm not talking WWing thru the map, leaving your teammates in the dust, that's great for solo, but Co-Op you need to stay with the group.
So would anyone else care to share their favorite pub game builds?

I've been rocking this build, nicknamed "Steamroller"!ZeY!bZYcYZ


Yes, there's a CM wiz in there, but even without one, my health doesn't fluctuate too much.
You really don't even need WOTB, but its nice to make mincemeat of the bosses :)
Switch out Furious Charge for Overpower, and you've got the classic aoe mincemeat build that's been going around.
Every pubs game I join is alway a speed competition,
Don't forget about forced march. In my opinion, it's the best skill for team play.
Forced March is pretty good :)

The reason I use furious charge is as a quick heal, Im not wearing any LS so all my healing comes from rend. In an emergency where I need to heal and get outta dodge, I use charge, or just to smack into mobs :)
I'm not inclined to use WOTB in a team game unless it's high MP (8 or above). With wrath, I tend to feel I need to run ahead to maximise the effect, rather than running with the team.
For sure rahl, toc forces you to rush thru the maps just to keep wrath up :)
I find it a relief to not have to worry it:)
actually on mp10 u can keep wrath up the majority of time... even when staying with the group... with ww... and skorn :)
I have been playing public games exclusively over the past few weeks and this build is the reason why:!ZhY!cZZYcc

Everything that makes public games fun revolves around speed, mobility and magic find. Unfortunately playing this way makes me a little more dependent on teammates to make up the missing DPS but I found that to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

With a high speed build you will find yourself racking up combos and staying in front of the group to maximize the number of monsters that you hit before everyone guns them down.
I play my normal build but swap out marathon for forced march.
Tends to keep the team together!
i am real excited about monster power in public games. the way it is now is terrible. the fastest guy will kill everything and you are just tagging along.

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