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just wondering if the legnedary drop rate has been nerfed, coz i normaly got 1 every 1-2 hours and now its been a few months away and now i havent got one in 4 days
I personally think it has been nerferd because i have seen a difference in drops since a month after patch 1.06
before the latest update last tuesday i had one of the best days on diablo 3 ever which was a grand total of 11 legendary items in approximately 18 hours and that included a beastly witching hour, good manticore, good skorn, good tyraels might and a couple other great drops and maybe 2 or 3 crappy legendaries. Now the past 2 days i have played probably 14 hours and have had 1 legendary drop and it was an ivory tower which is mostly crap. Not even a good rare item was dropped and it just feels like the game has been nerfed and not to mention the magic find percentage has been greatly tampered such as only being able to have 375% total with NV and MF... what the hell is that about and also playing in a public game or with friends the MF is averaged out now if someone only has 250% MF and the other has lets just say over 400 that will drop the person with the higher MF and the other persons is increased. IDK why they would do that but it stinks and wish they could just get everything straight but you cant make everyone happy all at once so maybe the game is just doomed which is completely sad
I have seen a definite drop in leg items
I disagree. From my recent experience, I see legendary drops every 1-3 runs (alkaizer runs for experience with my monk). I'm Paragon 25.

'Course it doesn't help when all the legendary drops are useless/worthless. :)
One of act 3, the whole thing, i usually come out with 3-5. I find that playing with the Mp level really helps me, if i get nothing on MP3 by the time i leave the Keep, i'll log out and raise it to 4 or 5, and so on.... It may be coincidence.

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