Where the hell do I get 1700 more armor from?

Meteor outperforms hota by far. For hota to do the same dmg spell wise it has to use the small radius rune. However wizard still has conflagration 10%+, shocking aspect, explosive blast running, that puts it way over. Not to mention meteor is ranged thus it can be used ahead and behind etc.

By meteor do you mean Shaggalicious? Because http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7593580252#1
With Energy Armor Prismatic and Warcry with AR rune tanking the MP10 Uber SK walk is piss easy. :D

7500 Armor Buffed
1090 AR Buffed

Barbs & Monks have it so easy.
Aimless has +666 All Res... lol
Ok Final Build

Armor 5097
All Resists 731

Force Armor Prismatic Armor
Armor 6880
All Resists 914

War Cry with AR Rune
Armor 6116
All Resists 877

Force Armor Prismatic Armor War Cry with AR Rune
Armor 7900
All Resists 1060

2.95 APS Unbuffed
3.12 APS Stretch Time

50.50 CHC
263 CHD

934 LoH

137K Damage Unbuffed
144K Damage Buffed (Time Stretch)

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