200k unbuffed monks?

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Hello monks, WD here and I was curious if 200k unbuffed monks exist? I'm sure they do but I have only seen one an it was on PTR. The point of this I suppose Is because one day I will look to build a monk equal to my WD. Thank you for your time. (Chronus)
There are heaps of us.

I can go 200k both DW and 2h. Alas I don't yet have the mainhand like narcolepsy to get 200+k with s/b.

Check diablo progress.
Yes I agree with you. The only problem with d3 progress is players tend to favor a certain stat. I guess what I'm trying to see is a well rounded monk who isn't straight glass cannon.
Theres a lot of them. I'm not one of them. XD
02/04/2013 09:07 PMPosted by Narcolepsy

Looks good to me.
YES! Now that is what I'm talking about... Good solid monks, it's just rare to see them is all
Excuse me. I know their are tons of solid monks. Just the way I worded it made it sound otherwise ^
Someone is calling me???

i have unbluffed 214K DPS monk :P

There should be more powerful monk out there.
200k Dps..,you're just speaking crazy talk now.
they don't exist
02/04/2013 10:48 PMPosted by AnHiLaToR
they don't exist

Analator has it right.
You are asking for the 1%

...I am in the 99%.
Hi! I am here
waiting in the weeds...

....do followers count towards 200K haha =)
I'm following too!
*shrug* it happens.
200k DPS is overrated...!

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