200k unbuffed monks?

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here! =D
aye aye
actually.. there's very little 200k unbuff monks...alot has gone to 300k unbuff.. ya..they're extinct soon..
xD 270k unbuffed here I use a 2h too I am waiting to find a close to perfect roll 1220+ dps 1h to pop up with IAS 11% LS 2.90% Crit dmg 90% dex 150+ & a socket xD I got the money for it just waiting xD

My monks only Paragon level 23 & 3 days old lol

check me out xD http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/RJTravis-1757/hero/32877166
look for 300k unbuffed with dual lifesteal. thats a feat.
i am, but my gears so shety
Can i join Da Club : )

not finishing gearing to reach my goal (its all about gold ha ha), but atleast another 1 step forward to me
Just hit it without using a mempo or nats. Kind of proud of myself tbh :) this was a goal.. now its 300k
213k Unbuffed DW LS EF+WKL combo :)



Need to find a better WKL, but upgrades are so expensive now ;_;
ROFL OP was back in feb, now his monk is 341k dps /jealous
04/21/2013 08:38 AMPosted by doughb1zzle
look for 300k unbuffed with dual lifesteal. thats a feat.

I have 281k unbuffed with dual life-steal. Probably mathematically possible with perfect rolls over crafted shoulders, gloves, bracers, amulets and a really perfect LS EF?
just got to 200k today T_T

Nice gear DW! Now, I think 300k unbuffed is a new standard when crafting released from 1.07 version
why do ppl not believe there are 200k unbuffed monks. its always all over the forums.

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