dodelaydo#1167 tells people he works for bliz

Lore and Story
this guy (name as above) told me he was from blizzard and that blizzard was doing promotional work and that if anyone wanted upgrades he was told by blizzard to help and to make the game more fun for the players. he asked for a low lvl emmy and i traded it with him he went to his stash box and returned with a frog of the deep very high int plus other good stats for a wd. I have a dh, wd, wizzard,and a barb all over lvl 60 plus you can check my chars out slaughter#1672 and view them if you wish. He then continued to say that he could make my items have sockets eg my echoing fury with life steal and high dps. I was foolish enough to think this was fairly legit so with hesitation i traded it. he then said that if i had a gem for it and that he needed my helm to make the item extremely good. i though no i'm not gunna give him the helm as well and then thanked him for his time for trying to help me out and asked for me weapon back he got out of game took my gear and sold it i'm just hoping noone else trusts ppl like i did. I have emailed blizzard and am presently waiting for a response. enjoy the game like i do and just remember there are ppl that are dead set .... out there be very careful who you trust i've got a few ppl that are very nice and it runes it for us good ppl trying to enjoy the game and having one bad egg in it as well.I just hope he doesnt get to rip anyone else off with his crap thanks have fun and peace to all regards slaughter

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