-200 resist for innna 4set?

Is it worth loosing that much resist to get the 4set as a sw monk? I would be down to around 500 maybe high 400's.
If your going to do MP0 or 1 to TR and to make SW cheaper...sure it is. If you plan on doing higher MPs you will need to keep your resists up. If you have the luxury to keep both sets of gear than go for it.

EDIT: Just looked at your Belt and Pants....You would be gaining a substantial amount of damage so yes go for it.
i clear mp6 pretty well with my FoT SW monk and i have inna's set and only around 500 resist all
i can do mp5 ok atm...but my dmg is kinda low and i'm using a skorn. So i'm hoping once I get 2 1h's inna 4 set will be awesome
My current setup (Inna's helm, belt and pants) is not too shabby when it comes to damage output increase. You can compensate for the EHP loss by picking up a good EHP chest that maximizes vit, resist and armor to make up for some of the EHP losses of choosing the belt (which is probably a good source of EHP for many).

If you do this, I would encourage you to ensure that you maximize your resist rolls, so get elemental resist >50 in all slots you choose to go with elemental resist, or all resist >70 if you choose to go AR. This will, at the very least, hurt you less in your EHP loss in choosing to go Inna's. You can also choose to stick with the Inna's chest you have now and use it for MP0 XP runs, but know that it won't be viable as you move up MP levels.

Personally, I have yet to pick up an Inna's chest that would satisfy my EHP requirements at the budget I want, so I'm hanging onto the rare until such time I can afford a high vit Inna's chest to complete the set.

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