Will Diablo3 Survive until the Expansion??

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I agree about the social aspects but the fact that monster power will be available in public games will make a big difference to me. I love playing with other people but MP0 is far too easy and unrewarding to me. Now that I can join an mp3 or mp4 game I will definitely be playing public games again.
In fact, I don't think that the Diablo franchise will survive at all. Diablo 3 was so bad it was a terminal failure. Nobody is going to want to buy Diablo 4 after this mess. Blizzard knows this and would be foolish to sink $100 million dollars into a Diablo 4 when maybe only 1-2 million copies would ever get sold.

Game over, man.

No offense but all the evidence is to the contrary. From Blizzard's track record to the sales of this game to the fact that people like you - who claim to hate the game - ARE STILL HERE.

Certainly there will be more skepticism over future xpacs or a diablo 4 but it will still be blizzards game to lose. With proper commitment they can easily sell 15 million copies of Diablo 4. In fact I bet they do.
When you sell over 12 million copies of Diablo 3 i call it a success. Plus I believe the xpack will even better than the core game it self. I personally loved D2 and LoD xpack. I clearly feel that diablo 3 surpasses D2 clearly in graphics and gameplay. All I see is nothing but Trolls and haters. Who all they do all day is try to demoralize a game cause they just didn't like it. I have simple solution for you haters out there. Simply go to your hardrive and delete the game from your computer. Then go to blizzard.account and delete your Fing account you sack of waste and stop your whining and trolling on the forums.
many people are still enjoying d3 so i believe yes. 100% it will survive until the expansion. but yes, good i dea... it'd be nice to have a sense of community atmosphere :)
1.07 is now out and im not a fan of the way pvp is in d3 compared to d2. Blizzard needs to take another look at the pvp in d3 and have it similiar to d2 where you can hostile who you want to duel and allow team duels to happen. Hopefully next patch addresses that and battle.net community absance.

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