Will Diablo3 Survive until the Expansion??

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This game will survive till the expansion, because the team will keep working on it tirelessly to keep improving it. While other game developers would've cut and run away after making the profits from the sales. Blizz is in this for the long haul so expect to see them turn things up a notch when they announce the expansion and the next few patches that are announced.

If this game was produced in the state it was in by let's say Activision then we would not have seen half of the things that this dev team added.

Also I noticed you are late to the party of Jay leaving the team. He is now gonna be on a new project, I would say it could be project Titan.
02/02/2013 08:37 AMPosted by ShadowAegis
Also I noticed you are late to the party of Jay leaving the team. He is now gonna be on a new project, I would say it could be project Titan

I wasnt late, i knew that he was leaving the team. Jay wilson will leave the D3 team as soon as he sees 1.07 through to being released and it becomes live, thats when he will leave and a new game director will be hired.
Not if they dont bring back the old listing games system...

They could even keep the "join public games" and resume button...
... anyways :\
Take a look at these Screen Shots of how our battle.net for D3 can be like.


Then you would have a sense of community and the atmosphere would be different due to interacting with other random d3 gamers.
Unless huge changes are made I won't be coming back anytime soon. I'm going to go far enough to say I'm not buying the expansion. I used to eat, crap and dream Diablo 2 and as much as I want to love this game I just don't <\3
What do you think? **Question** Will Diablo 3 Survive until the Expansion Pack??

Your opinion may be different then mine and i dont fault you for it so dont fault me for mine

The way its going i think Diablo 3 will be dead or close to it by the time the Expansion Pack is due to be released and here is why, hear me out please! before you judge. Thank you!

Diablo 3 is lacking a sense of community, there is no atmosphere where you can hang out and interact with other random people part of the community of diablo 3. The Team aspect in diablo 3 is almost completely absent from the game if it wasnt for Ubers. Everything you do in the game is repetative and gets very old quick and boring due to the fact that you do it by your self instead of with a team or friends because it seems like its way more efficiant to do it by your self. The only end-game aspect diablo 3 has is going to be "Player vs. Player" and everything you do in the game is ultimately going to lead to you dueling at some point or another. Blizzard can not fix these issues unless they attack the core of diablo 3 and gut out its insides and replace them with a strong foundation that is well constructed around a sense of community, team aspect, actual ability that allows uniq character builds and always keeping in mind that end-game aspects of diablo3 are very important.

Blizzard after you release Patch 1.07, stop worrieng about patches and boot out Jay wilson, if im not mistaken his still on the team until patch 1.07 is live? So yea as soon as your done with patch 1.07 hire a new Game Director whose going to start working on the expansion pack where the team can transform them selfs into "Ray Lewis" and tackle the Core of Diablo 3 in order to Create a Well Constructed foundation that injects diablo 3 with end-game success.

The road that diablo 3 has been on since its release is the road to failure unless these important issues are addressed! What keeps me playing is "Hope" and "Diablo part of my DNA" from a young age that keeps me hoping that diablo 3 will reach its potential because i hate to see a game with such badass graphics go to waste.

This is my Opinion and you may have yours. I am a veteran of the diablo franchise and i know what made previous versions successful because it kept me playing even today, 2013 since 1998 and im only 27 with alot more years left to game :P!

Leggo Blizzard lets operate on diablo 3 and gut out its core and replace it with a Well Constructed Foundation so diablo 3 can reach its potential! "FINALLY"

Great Examples to bring a Sense of Community to our Battle.net 2.0!
**********************Must See*********************


Game was nearly dead in 1.05, monster power and paragon brought back some people until they got bored of grinding for 1000 hours to get max magic find. A lot of people probably got burnt out grinding paragon and left the game until something more exciting came along again.

Dueling was a 1 trick pony that managed to get a lot of the die hard community excited for 1.07. Unfortunately, Blizzard is not taking the appropriate steps to properly balance classes or items within the dueling area to make it actually worthwhile or fun to play.... The back n forth 1 shots will only sustain interest for a few weeks, then people will start to complain more n more about how unbalanced classes are, people will find new ways to exploit their characters etc etc and it simply will not be fun.

A lot of the long term players are fed up with all the duping and the destruction of the economy more than anything. Players that invested 1000's of hours/dollars into gearing their characters are finding less and less of a reason to hold on to their items, continue to farm or gear their classes. Blizzard has done nothing but ignore this ever growing situation that seems to be multiplying faster than the plague.

There are many other things wrong with this game, but we have all heard the criticisms a thousand times over, so no need to repeat them. Blizzard's last chance will be patch 1.1 for pvp, unfortunately a lot of the die hards that left by now probably won't be returning, it's just too little too late at this point... Sorry Blizzard, but the D3 team was a failure, try to get your content out in a timely manor next expansion and don't release an unfinished game.
This game is broken beyond repair, they would have to redo the fundamental systems of the game to fix it so in essence they would need to make a new game. The Blizzard that we knew would never have released a game like this, the success of wow has changed Blizzard and now they're just like any other money grubbing game studio. The new EA perhaps.
Me and a lot of my friends enjoy this game and have played it a lot since last May; when it gets boring then we quit for a bit and come back. If you or anyone finds D3 boring then you should do the same or just don't come back - Blizzard isn't holding you against your will.

I really hope your "concerns" aren't based off the people that complain on this forum or else this thread loses the little validation it had.

Your completely missing the point, I want a game that keeps me playing the way diablo 2 did. I want this game to truly succeed, but it's gonna need a huge overhaul. If I have to take a break just to be interested again, then its not worth playing. Nobody is holding a gun against my head, but lets make this work the way diablo 2 did.
How the hell did the OP get flagged for inappropriate post? People are so stupid. How could you disagree with the OP? I don't even know how it's possible. What, you think this game is polished and fun? LOL. Ya OK.
The game would have to be totally changed to consider buying the expansion or even playing again. More content will not do it for me.

RMAH/AH ruined it for me. Even though I don't want to, the ability to buy millions of gold so cheap just ruined the game. Every time I farm and collect a few 100k gold I think how easily I could have just spent a dollar and got 4 million gold. At that point I get depressed and just log out.

Playing the game just seems pointless as it is right now.
@TheGrither, if you read my OP on page 1 then you'd see what i think this game needs lol....

@PackersFTW, go Packs!! haha, really someone flagged my OP? hmm oh well..
OP your points have validity. But not when it comes to Jay Wilson, his Diablo 3 died was killed by the guys upstairs, years ago.
I absolutely have not read all of this thread, but the point about there being a lack of a sense of community is a good one. There is really no reason or incentive to play with other people apart from ubers. It's actually faster to do exp runs by yourself than with others. That's the real area of the game that needs to be addressed. It's a community that can make a game last a long time.
survive? game is already dead. died few moths ago
So what should Blizzard do according to your post? How are they supposed to "gut out its core and replace it with a Well Constructed Foundation"?
As to me, Diablo 3 lacks a long-term goal, like runes and runewords in Diablo 2. But everything else is fine, there is no need to turn a single player game into a MMORPG.
Unless huge changes are made I won't be coming back anytime soon. I'm going to go far enough to say I'm not buying the expansion. I used to eat, crap and dream Diablo 2 and as much as I want to love this game I just don't <\3

Heard dat my friend. I and probably many others.
Jup. Well said.

*But people should try to actually not get to much on Jay, I mean maybe he tried his best you know. He is only a human

Watch the video (all 20+ mins) of their original design: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEvThjiE038

Then after you've done that, come back here and reply to this question. Do you STILL think they tried their best?

can't deny that that looks like an awesome game. The three biggest things missing are instadeath moves, elemental damage status effects, and the ability to alter your pets with attacks.

I really like the chat movies though, they add more life to the characters. Not to mention, the little things like SB creeping around before you fight him.
If the game had a way to get players back on track that quit long ago (aka me), some sort of end game content that was fun and rewarding... say playing 10 hours I could start to see improvements on my relatively cheap character w/o AH grinding. However as it stands im sure I would have to play for 500+ hours to see any real changes to my character... whos got time for that?
02/01/2013 10:30 PMPosted by KissArmy
I forgot to add a desperate need for an offline mode. because i have terrible internet reception and it drops out regulary. for me playing single player online is BULLS**T and a need to add more people per multi-player game.

As much as lot of us (including myself) would like to see an offline mode (sans AH/RMAH) separate from Battle.net, it's not going to happen. Back in 2010, the plan was to have exactly this.


But even back then, it was also clear they wanted to have the player base create their characters online (see Bashiok's last paragraph).

Then in August 2011, Bashiok explained the rationale for why they decided to completely ditch an offline mode in favor of the server/client architecture.


The "intense security" concerns he alluded to is of course related to the fact that the game client would have transactional capabilities (like an RMAH attached to it in some regions). Furthermore, they were able to achieve that previous desire of having the player base' characters all online.
Could start by fixing this...


My biggest cry about the game.

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